Review – “Finding My Way Back” by Fran Veal

Review – “Finding My Way Back” by Fran Veal

I’ve already mentioned Fran’s new book, but I’ve also read it – I was lucky enough to be given an advance copy, and so I’ll tell you what I think…

“Finding My Way Back” is the sequel to “Finding My Escape.”  At the end of the previous book, Hannah Jordan spent weeks in a coma after walking in on the murder of her parents.  She spent that entire time dreaming, part of it in what she thought was another world called Valeria, and all of it struggling to remember what really happened the night of her parents’ murder.

By the end of the book, she remembered.  And she thought that was the end of her ordeal and the beginning of putting her life back together.  But as the sequel opens up, Hannah learns that she’s very wrong about that.  As the story unfolds, Hannah discovers that her parents weren’t who she thought they were, and neither is her best friend…or herself.  Her world expands dramatically; she faces dangers she could never have imagined and a destiny she can’t escape.

The book is every bit as well-written as “Finding My Escape.”  The story is again mostly told from Hannah’s point of view, although in this book we do get a little more of some other perspectives as the story, and the stakes, grow with each chapter.  Hannah is a likeable and believable young woman, and her reactions to some very unreasonable events are both realistic and fun to watch.  The author does a very good job with the rest of the characters as well.  She also does a great job of making the world of the story larger without losing focus on Hannah; that’s not an easy balance to strike, but Fran Veal handles it perfectly.

There are several surprises throughout the book, starting in the very first chapter, and it will keep readers guessing right to the last page (which – fair warning! – ends in a cliffhanger; this IS a trilogy, after all).

I would highly recommend the book, but I will say that you really should read “Finding My Escape” first (which you should have already done anyway!).

Finding My Way Back is available on Amazon and also at Smashwords.


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