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Meet the Authors!

Meet the Authors!

Surround yourself in the romance of the autumn season with 10 heartwarming, sweet novellas from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Each story takes you inside the heart of a small town—its people—and features adorable animal friends in need of a forever home. Take a trip to Romance, Oregon, where falling in love has never been easier and happily-ever-after is guaranteed!

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I’m so thrilled to be participating in the new FALL INTO ROMANCE collection, and I wanted to introduce you to all my wonderful fellow authors.  To hep you get to know them better, I asked them all one simple question: which actor should play you in a movie of your life?  Here they are (in alphabetical order), and here’s how they answered:

Franky Brown

Franky A Brown is a Southern author, obsessed with reading, who writes chick lit and romantic comedy.

Franky chose Meg Ryan for a movie of her life.  Why?  “Might be a boring movie. I need someone who can do high drama and goofy comedy, especially when it reaches the part about writing my comedies.   Maybe Meg Ryan?”

Franky’s story in FALL INTO ROMANCE is “Wired for Romance.”  You can follow her at her website.


Stacy Clafin

USA Today bestselling author Stacy Claflin entertains readers in a variety of genres, from sweet contemporary romance to paranormal to suspense.

Stacy picked Cynthia Nixon to play herself.  Her explanation?  “If you’re going for looks, it has to be Cynthia Nixon. (I even have strawberry hair now.) Personality? I have no idea.”

Stacy’s story in the collection is “Lost in Romance.”  You can follow her on Facebook.


Tamie Dearen

Tamie Dearen, “the author who knows romance by heart,” writes sweet and inspirational romantic comedies and young adult fantasy with a touch of romance.

Tamie selected Sandra Bullock to play her.  Why?  “Sandra Bullock, because my husband has the hots for her.”

Tamie’s story in the set is “Restoring Romance.”  You can follow Tamie at her website, and on her Amazon Author Page.


J.J. DiBenedetto

You probably already know who I am, since you’re here!  But just in case, I’m the author of 13 novels so far – the paranormal romance/suspense Dream Series, and the lighthearted suspense thriller Jane Barnaby Adventures.

I picked Jack Black to play me in a movie.  Not that my personality is remotely like his, but physically he’s about the best match I can come up with.

My story in the collection is “Finding Dori.”  You’re already at my website, but you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and on my Amazon Author Page.


Jess Elliott

Jessica L. Elliott has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She specializes in stories with happy endings, a touch of adventure, and lots of heart.

Jess picked Amy Adams.  Why?  “Dang, that’s a hard one. Maybe Amy Adams because she seems to be as upbeat and chipper about life as I am. And she sings, which is awesome because I like to do that when I think no one can hear me.”

Jess’ story is “Katie’s Chance for Romance.”  You can follow her at her website,


Raine English

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Raine English writes sweet small-town contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.

Like Tamie above, Raine picked Sandra Bullock to play her in a film of her life.  Why?  “I have a clumsy goofy side that she’d be able to portray well.”

Raine’s story in the collection is “At Second Glance.”  You can follow her at her website, and also on Facebook.


Shanna Hatfield

Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield is out to make it happen one story at a time.

Shanna chose Lauren Holly to portray her.  Her reason?  “She’s sassy and tough while still looking sweet and lovely.”

Shanna’s story in the collection is “Blown Into Romance.”  You can follow Shanna at her website, on Facebook and you can also sign up for her newsletter.


Liwen Ho

Liwen Y. Ho writes sweet and inspirational romance infused with heart, humor, and a taste of home (her Asian roots).

Liwen picked Reese Witherspoon to play her in a movie.  Why?  “I’d have to go with Reese Witherspoon of the Legally Blonde era. I may not be blonde, but I’m known to be a little too naive and innocent sometimes. (Once upon a time, I may or may not have squeezed out all the air from my supermarket produce bags, so I wouldn’t end up paying for the extra weight! LOL) Plus, I LOVE the color pink, just like Elle Woods”

Liwen’s story in the collection is “Chasing Romance.”  You can follow her at her website.


Kit Morgan

Bestselling author Kit Morgan delivers pure fun and romance! She writes sweet, clean, historical and contemporary romance with a strong sense of family and community. She also writes high adventure, scienefiction time travel under Geralyn Beauchamp.

Kit chose Anne Hathaway to play her in a movie.  Her explanation?  “Wow, that’s a good question. Hmmm, I’d have to say Anne Hathaway.”

Kit’s story in FALL INTO ROMANCE is “Lessons in Romance.”  You can follow her at her website.


Melanie Snitker

Melanie D. Snitker writes clean, contemporary romance, weaving together inspirational stories of faith, love, and family.

Melanie picked Julia Stiles as her actress.  “I checked with my brother, Matthew, who has an eye for everything related to movies. He said Julia Stiles, so that’s who I’d go with.”

Melanie’s story in the collection is “Finding Forever in Romance.”  You can follow her at her website, on Facebook, Twitter, her Amazon Author Page, and on BookBub.


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Fall Into Romance – New Book!

Fall Into Romance – New Book!

I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been working on a project, but that I couldn’t say anything about it until the proper time.

Well, the proper time is right now, and I can tell you exactly what it is.  A few months ago, I was invited by the amazing Shanna Hatfield to participate in a multi-author novella collection.  And this morning, that collection is available for pre-order!  FALL INTO ROMANCE features ten original novellas by award-winning and bestselling authors, including me!

Surround yourself in the romance of the autumn season with 10 heartwarming, sweet novellas from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors.
Each story takes you inside the heart of a small town—its people—and features adorable animal friends in need of a forever home.
Take a trip to Romance, Oregon, where falling in love has never been easier and happily-ever-after is guaranteed!

Finding Forever in Romance by Melanie D. Snitker
Brent’s hands are so full he doesn’t realize his heart is empty. But how can he convince Nicole to trust him and give them all a chance at the forever family they deserve?

Lost in Romance by Stacy Claflin
Work is Alisyn’s life. Everything is perfect until the day her boss’s son comes to town and takes her breath away. Will she risk it all for love?

At Second Glance by Raine English
Can an ornery French bulldog help a mismatched couple find love?

Blown Into Romance by Shanna Hatfield
Free spirit Brooke Roberts blows into Romance like an autumn storm, unprepared to fall for the handsome rancher who gives her a reason to stay.

Wired for Romance by Franky A. Brown
Electrician Josh Chadwick can rewire his new client’s house, but he can’t do a thing about the electricity sparking between them.

Restoring Romance by Tamie Dearen
She’s a big city chef who likes cats. He’s a small town mayor who restores antiques. But even with feline allergies at play, true love is nothing to sneeze at.

Finding Dori by J.J. DiBenedetto
She’s a loud, pushy New Yorker who drives him crazy. He almost ran her over with his truck. Of course they’re perfect for each other…

Katie’s Chance for Romance by Jessica L. Elliott
Five years ago she pushed him out of her life, but she couldn’t force him from her heart.

Chasing Romance by Liwen Y. Ho
When pop sensation Chase Lockhart wants more than a room at Izzy Sutton’s Bed and Breakfast, she must decide whether it’s worth opening up her heart to him, especially when he’s eleven years her junior.

Lessons in Romance by Kit Morgan
A rooster, a tortoise and love, oh my! Now if the humans could just figure out the love part, they might all live happily ever after.

I’ve read all the stories, and I promise you’ll love them all.  Obviously I’m kind of partial to mine, FINDING DORI…it was a blast to write, and it was so much fun to work with so many other great authors – we all worked together to create the town of Romance, Oregon and populate it with memorable characters.



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Sneak preview

Sneak preview

I’m part of a very cool project that I can’t yet talk about, but we (“we” as in me and several other great authors, not the royal “we.”) will be unveiling it soon.  In the meantime, here’s an image that may or may not give you any clue about what I’m working on…

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Ship of Fools update

Ship of Fools update

We’ve had a lot of family medical drama going on over the last 3 months, and my progress on the newest Jane Barnaby Adventure, SHIP OF FOOLS, has been a casualty of that.

I’ve pushed the release date back to September 26, which I’m 99% certain I will make.  In the meantime, I do have one thing to show you – the cover for the book, designed by the fantastic Emma Michaels:


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Launch Day!

Launch Day!

Today’s the day!  My new book is offically out!

HER BROTHER’S KEEPER is book #3 in the Jane Barnaby Adventures – international intrigue and thrills with our heroine, an archaeology student who keeps finding herself in hot water.

In the first two books of the series, Jane’s had to face off with international art thieves, con artists, mysteries dating back to World War 2, and even an actual Nazi.  This time, all she wants is a peaceful family vacation in Spain.  She’s invited her father, his fiance (who’s only a couple of years older than Jane herself) and her twin brother, who she doesn’t quite get along with.  She’s hoping a few days of sun and beaches will lead to family peace.

Unfortunately, things go awry when her brother gets himself seduced by a stranger in the hotel bar – who turns out to be a Russian jewel thief.  And things only go downhill from there…

You can buy it on Kindle (or paperback on Amazon), or on any other eBook retailer.

It’s also available as a fantastic audiobook.

You can listen to a sample on Soundcloud, and you can see an amazing video of my narrator, Cait Frizzell (who’s a professional opera singer) on YouTube.  Seriously, if you don’t click anything else in this post, and you don’t care about my book, you still NEED to watch the video of Cait showing off her vocal talent.  You’ll thank me afterwards, I promise.

This is a little illustration of our heroine (on the left), and her future stepmother (on the right).  As usual, Jane is running headlong into trouble…

Finally, here’s an excerpt from the book:

She put on her bathrobe and slippers and headed for the shower.  En route, she noticed that her brother’s door was open.  Or, more likely, it had never been closed last night.  If the unrumpled sheets and un-unpacked luggage were any indication, he hadn’t come back to the house at all.  Which meant – no, that wasn’t possible.

It couldn’t be.  He couldn’t have spent the night with that woman, could he?  As far as she knew, he’d never picked up – or been picked up by – a strange girl at a bar.  Or anywhere else, for that matter.  He’d never had a one night stand.  It wasn’t in his nature.  And he absolutely wasn’t the type that a predator like the blonde in the miniskirt would go for.

What other explanation was there, though?  If he’d gotten so drunk he couldn’t walk back to the house, someone at the hotel would have called the house to come collect him.  It had happened before.  The hotel staff all knew about Bill Welldon and his archaeology volunteers, and if someone got themselves “into a state,” as Bill put it, they always made sure the unfortunate volunteer got back to the house safely.

Maybe he really had hit it off with the woman, unlikely as it seemed.  Being on vacation changed people sometimes.  Knowing he’d never see the woman again, and with a few drinks in him, maybe he’d found a new confidence that had led him to take a chance he’d never have taken otherwise.  And maybe it had worked out.  Stranger things had happened, after all.  Not that she could think of any examples at the moment, but surely they must have.

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