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5.I’m not sure what else to say that I haven’t already mentioned on the home page.  But here goes:

I was born in the Bronx, New York and grew up in Yonkers.  I was raised a Yankees and Giants fan, two faiths that I’ve kept throughout my life.

I’m an only child, but I’ve got a pretty big extended family.  My relatives include the owner of one of the top ten pizza restaurants in the U.S.; a championship bicycle racer; a figure skater who nearly cracked the top twn in the U.S.; a gold prospector who moved to Alaska for several years; and a CEO.  I’ve also got at least two other authors that I know of in my family.

I love to travel, althoughI haven’t gotten to do nearly enough of it.  I enjoy cooking, and I am very good at a few things.  I’ve got a decent eye for photography, but it’s very untrained (I have a few of my photos here on the site).  I like to think I’m a pretty decent writer.  And I’m a huge geek – give me almost any science fiction or fantasy and I’m happy.

New Author Photo 9-26-14

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