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  1. Cathey

    I love you very much, and I am so proud of you!

  2. L M Boelz

    I am looking for someone to do an interview/spotlight on my newly released sequel and set for Syeribus. Do you have a request form?

    1. James DiBenedetto

      I don’t have a request form, but let’s consider this a request, and I’ll be glad to do it.

  3. Donna Rakestraw

    I had hoped to meet you in person at the VZ Library earlier this month but was unable to get there, hence the email.

    Would you be available to do a book review for the Wednesday Study Club in Canton on February 26, 2014? Perhaps you would like to do one from a recent book or a favorite book that 25 women (all retired) would enjoy. Our programs usually run from 30 – 45 minutes. We leave that up to the one presenting the program.

    We will be meeting at the Methodist Church Crawford House at 2:00 p.m. on the 26th. and would be honored if you could provide our program.

    Thank you,

    Donna Rakestraw
    Program Chairman/ Wednesday Study Club

  4. Lita Burke

    I was wondering if you would be interested in reading my latest fantasy, “Old Bony Blue Eyes” and posting a review. In the story, a wizard faces a peril-filled journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a powerful spell book for a love-starved dragon.

    Back cover blurb:

    Wizard Kadmeion’s magician-for-hire business has improved, plus the harpies and certain fey-folk flourish under his magical care. All is well until a dragon named Lady Betrayal summons him.

    Kadmeion owes the dragon a favor. He agrees to fetch the book Dragon Lore and cast its spells for Betrayal. Career-enhancing magic fills the book. If Kadmeion acquires it, then his reputation will bring wealthier customers.

    Dragon Lore has a deadly guardian. To help their quest, Kadmeion, Bright, and Furgo first enlist the help of Luck, who they discover is no lady. Then they must convince the bickering egos of War to give them a weapon. The last task is visiting Death’s library, where a wizard may check out the Dragon Lore and keep it until the end of his days.

    The problem with visiting Death’s island is coming back alive.

    A wizard may roll dice with Sir Death for a safe return passage or fight his way out. Even with Luck and War helping, Kadmeion might not succeed. Despite their cleverness, Death’s blue eyes might be the last thing the wizard and his friends ever see.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

    Lita Burke

  5. Ashley


    I know you signed up for The Harvesters blog tour over at Forbidden Passions Reviews. Well, mind joining me again? Sadly my paid tour host has duped me and fallen off the face of the earth. Now it’s up to me to put together the tour I paid her to do.

    The tour will run for a month October 1st to October 31st. I hope you are free to doing any of those days. Here’s the form link and it’s at the bottom of the post

    Thanks so much! And if you could help spread the word that be great!

    Hope you have a great day,

    Ashley (The Author)

    1. James DiBenedetto

      I just signed up!

  6. Uri

    Hey james!
    What do you mean by saying “writing dreams?”are you an inspiration kind of author?

    I would be also glad you to take a look and maybe give an honest review for my picture book.
    It’s free on Amazon.


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