The Jane Barnaby Adventures

The Jane Barnaby Adventures

Jane is an archaeology student at Oxford, who finds herself swept up in adventures she never imagined.  We actually met her in the Dream Series; she’s a classmate of Sara’s in DREAM STUDENT, and she’s mentioned in DREAM DOCTOR as well.  She’s also shows up in BETTY & HOWARD’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (as does her mentor, Professor Bill Welldon)










(here’s an illustration I commissioned showing Jane in a variety of her personas.  Note that the books take place in the early 1990’s, which means that Jane was a teenager in the 1980’s…which explains the second image from the left!)

Tell me about the books!

In Finders Keepers Jane has a simple assignment.  Drive her advisor’s new car to her at his dig site on Mallorca, and bring along a box of pottery shards he’d collected over the years.  Only one problem – Jane picked up the wrong box by accident, and now she’s got a gang of international art thieves chasing her halfway across Europe…


Losers Weepers is book two of the Jane Barnaby Adventures.  One of Jane’s closest friends from college is engaged, and Jane is thrilled for her, until she meets the fiance.  She takes it upon herself to find out whether her friend is marrying a creep, a con artist, or something much worse, and before all is said and done, she’ll be caught up in a decades-old mystery.

In Her Brother’s Keeper Jane just wants to arrange a pleasant Christmas vacation for her family.  Unfortunately, her brother gets seduced by a Russian jewel thief, who leaves him holding the bag when she escapes with her latest score.  In order to clear her brother’s name, Jane will have to find the thief – and her shadowy allies.


You can buy all three books together in one box set – The Jane Barnaby Adventures Box Set (how’s that for truth in labelling?)



All the books (including the box set!) are available, as eBooks, in paperback, and as professionally-recorded audiobooks, on Amazon.