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I’m the author of eleven novels to date, all of which I’m very proud of, and which I hope you’ll take a look at.  They include the ten books of the Dream Series, and one book so far in a new series, the Jane Barnaby Adventures.

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What are the books about?

The Dream Series is all about a young woman, Sara Barnes, who discovers that she can step into other people’s dreams.  She quickly learns that this is far more curse than gift, and it nearly gets her killed more times than she cares to count!

The Jane Barnaby Adventures are, as you might guess, all about Jane.  She’s an archaeology student at Oxford who finds herself mixed up with international art thieves in the first book of the series, Finders Keepers.  In the second book, Losers Weepers (due out July 26th), she’ll have to deal with a 50-year-old secret, an on-again, off-again boyfriend, an engagement she has to break up.  And then there are the Nazis!



Where did the idea for the Dream Series come from?

The series came about from asking a simple question: why do characters in mystery stories try to solve crimes themselves, rather than going to the police if they’ve come to believe that their neighbor across the hall has murdered somebody and buried them in the garden?  It’s what most of us would do, right?  Would you, Dear Reader, go poking around to try and catch someone you thought was capable of such an act, or would you do the sensible thing and call 911?

My answer to the question was: one reason you might not call the police is if the only evidence was in your head.  If you could somehow see the crimes from the criminal’s eyes.  In their dreams, maybe?  What could you do with that?  The police wouldn’t believe you.  If you wanted the crimes to stop, you’d need to find some sort of tangible proof to present to the authorities.

And the Dream Series was born.  The characters of Sara, her boyfriend Brian and best friend Beth, came along with the idea, more-or-less fully formed.  And the rest was history…


Want to see the books?

FindersKeepersLosers Weepers Cover (Full Size)


EbookDreamStudent DreamDoctor DreamChild









DreamFamilyV1 WakingDreamV1 Cover Smaller DreamReunionV1 Cover Smaller DreamHomeV1 DreamVacationWrapAround_Paris_Front FeverDreamV2

Dream Wedding4SeriesTitle_Dream Fragments_V2Betty & Howard Cover (Full Size)

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Anything else to say about the Dream Series?

The books take Sara from a shy, bookish, single college student, through medical school and residency and finally to life as a practicing doctor as well as a wife and mother.  Along the way, her dreams lead her into plots involving murderers, mobsters, corrupt politicians and much more.

The series combines romance, suspense, humor and a lot of heart, all tied together with a unique supernatural twist.  Take a look – I think you’ll fall in love with Sara just like I have!

All the books are available on Amazon, both on Kindle and in paperback (just click on the covers above).  They’re also available as fantastic audiobooks (you can buy those from the Amazon pages, too).  Click right here to hear samples from each of the audiobooks.  And if you’ve got a Nook, or an iPad or another reading device, you can click here for links to buy the books pretty much everywhere books are sold on the internet.


So who’s this J.J. DiBenedetto guy?

Well, I’m a native New Yorker, even though I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for the last twenty years.  I’m married to a wonderful wife, and our household is run by this guy:


(say hello to Danny!)


Anything more to add?

I love the opera, the New York Giants, fondue, reading, Doctor Who, The Flash, and a lot of other things, too.  And what do I look like?  Well, here’s a photo of me and a co-worker.  I’ll leave it to you to decide which one I am!

James & Professor Mole

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