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I enjoy photography, and I have a decent eye, alhoguh I’ve had no training.  Here are a few of the best photos I’ve taken:

IMG_0814 cropped

This was taken in March of 2008.  It’s just a random photo of a bird, but I think it came out really good.







IMG_0826This was also in March of 2008.  I took my camera down to the National Mall, and I’m not sure what made me decide to take some shots in black & white, but I think it worked very well in this shot.





EiffelInside = Brightened




This is probably the best photo I’ve ever taken.  It was in December of 1999, in Paris.  I wasn’t particularly trying for anything, I just got lucky.  I think the different perspective is what makes it work.






Sunken BoatThis was taken in Mallorca in January of 1999.  I was on a cruise around the island, and I just happened to see the sunken boat right there in the harbor.







Georgetown2 - modifiedThis is Georgetown, as seen from Roosevelt Island.  It was taken in 2001 or 2002.  I really like the way the tree branches frame everything.








InsideOrsay - color editedBack in Paris, December 1999 again.  This is from the window of the Musee d’Orsay, looking out across the Seine.  I think it’s a really neat image.







This was taken on the same outing as the Georgetown photo above.  This is the trail leading out to Roosevelt Island.  I think the perspective makes it a neat image.









This was taken in 2003 in the garden of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.  I like the contrast of colors here.








This is Daisy, the most beautiful cat in the world.








Kevorkian - editedThis was taken in Paris in December, 1999.  If you look closely at the name of the shop in the center of the photo, you’ll see why I took it.  Jack Kevorkian (the suicide doctor) was a big topic in the news, and I just happened to walk by this shop and catch the name, and I couldn’t pass up the shot.

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