The Quarantine Sale Continues!

The Quarantine Sale Continues!

With everyone stuck at home for at least the next few weeks, I went ahead and put all my books on sale for $0.99. That includes all the Dream Doctor Mysteries, all the Jane Barnaby Adventures, Mr. Smith and the Roach, and all my sweet romance novellas.

So if you’re looking for something to read, here are your great options:

Dream Student (prequel for the Dream Doctor Mysteries) –

Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure (a fun vacation romance featuring characters from the Dream Doctor Mysteries) –

Dream Fragments (a collection of short stories from the Dream Doctor Mysteries) –

A Reel Christmas in Romance (sweet romance novella) –

Twice Blessed (sweet romance novella) –

Books 1-9 of the Dream Doctor Mysteries (a medical student discovers she can step into other people’s dreams, and nothing but trouble results) – start with Dream Doctor –

All three Jane Barnaby Adventures (an American archaeology student gets mixed up in international intrigue) – start with Finders Keepers –

Mr. Smith and the Roach (weird mystery; a retired New York cop and giant cockroach team up to solve a crime) –

Finding Dori (sweet romance novella) –

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