Fighting and Making Up

Fighting and Making Up

I mentioned previously that there’s a scene near the end of the next book (“Dream Reunion”, 22,000 words done!) where Sara and Brian have a very nasty fight – their first really ugly one in all the time they’ve been together.

The last couple of days, I’ve been working on the aftermath of that fight.  It’s no spoiler to say that things turn out OK, but the exact nature of what happens after “OK” has been tricky to get down.  The reason being…well, I’ll let one of the other characters, Sara’s friend from medical school, Joseph Harkness, explain:

“You both come to your senses, you each figure out why the other one reacted the way you did, you both apologize and then…”  He drops his gaze, and I realize what he’s going to say as just he catches himself from saying it.  “If you don’t mind, I’d prefer it if you waited until you’re back in your own house for ‘and then.’  Especially with Kevin right down the hall.”

The “and then” is, obviously, make-up sex, and it’s been challenging to write.  There are sex scenes in the other books, but none of them are remotely explicit (even the most explicit scene, near the end of “Dream Family”, really isn’t, by most standards).  I don’t want this one to be, either, but at the same time I want to put it apart from all the other love scenes in the other books.

I’m not quite ready to share an excerpt of it yet; maybe in a few days after I’ve tweaked it and I feel a little more comfortable with it…

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