The New Covers

The New Covers

You’ve no doubt seen the re-designed covers for the first two Dream Series books.

I absolutely loved the work that the amazing Ami Low did on the original covers, working from my initial (and truly horrible!) sketches.  Over time, though, it became clear that the covers, great as they were, were not what readers of the genre (whether Paranormal Romance, or Suspense, or whatever you call these books) expected.  As Ami puts it, “what we like isn’t always what sells.”

It was with a lot of thought that I decided to go with a different approach, and I’ve been working with another wonderful artist, Emma Michaels.  She did the covers for a pair of great novels that a friend of mine, Fran Veal, wrote (I’ve reviewed and loved both of them.  You can read about them here, and here).

So here’s what Emma has done for me…





…and here’s a sneak preview of the new cover for book #3 in the series, “Dream Child”



Pretty good, no?  I’m impressed and thrilled with Emma’s work, and I’m hoping they’ll bring readers who might not have looked at the books before…fingers crossed!

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