Indie Author Spotlight – Shannon Pemrick and “Experimental Heart: Pieces”

Indie Author Spotlight – Shannon Pemrick and “Experimental Heart: Pieces”

I’ve got another great indie author for you this morning.  She’s Shannon Pemrick…



Shannon Pemrick was born in 1991 in a small city in the Southwestern corner of New Hampshire where she was raised with her younger sister. Thanks to her limitless imagination, she spent most of her days daydreaming about the impossible in hopes it could one day be possible. This imagination sparked a love of the arts that eventually lead her down the road to writing where she discovered her first book idea.

Shannon currently lives in her home town with her Fiancée, three cats, and species confused dog. Experimental Heart: Pieces is her first published book and the first in the Experimental Heart series.

You can follow her at her website, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Goodreads.
And here’s her book!
Pieces ebook cover 2.0

“…Do you know what it’s like to kill without regret?”

Eira only knew one thing in life. To kill. Designed to be an emotionless killing machine of war she had no desire to be a puppet of another’s master plan. Escape was the only option. A normal, free life was the only goal. Labeled as a failure, she took the opportunity to run and was hunted.

“…Do you know what it’s like to kill without being able to feel?”

Now given a second chance at life thanks to a mysterious dragon, Eira is forced to make a crucial decision. Accept his help to gain her desired freedom or keep running with an eye over her shoulder.

“…Do you know what it’s like to live in hell?”

But, can she really trust him?

“…Didn’t think so…”

Disclaimer: Contains strong language, suggestive themes, violence, and minor use of alcohol. Not recommend for ages under 18.
You can buy it, right now! – at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Kobo.
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