Get Hooked – An Excerpt from “Dream Vacation”

Get Hooked – An Excerpt from “Dream Vacation”

This post is just one stop on the weekly Book Hooks hop, where a whole lot of great authors (including me!) post an excerpt from their latest work.  You can go here to see who else is participating and read their work.

As for me, I’ve for something for you from the forthcoming eighth book of the Dream Series, “Dream Vacation”.  This is from just before the midway point of the book:


Those herbal supplements really do work – I feel myself yawning now.

I’m sure the glass of white wine is helping the supplement right along.  Hopefully we’ll all be asleep soon, so we’ll be as rested as possible when we land in Paris, six hours from now.  I just wish I were falling asleep next to Brian…




Sara is in her seat, securely buckled in, Ben and Lizzie next to her, both sleeping soundly.  Sara herself is wide-awake; the loud bang and sudden jolt a moment ago saw to that.  She cranes her neck to see past her children and through the window of the plane.  She can’t see the wing, or the engine; both of them are obscured by thick black smoke.

A fire?  The engine is on fire?  It’s the only explanation Sara can think of.  And yet, she is not terribly upset by the idea.  Obviously, she realizes, it’s not good, because the plane only has two engines, and presumably it needs both of them to stay in the air.

But she knows that she’s not in danger, nor are Ben or Lizzie, who haven’t even stirred at the noise or the turbulence.  She does not fear for Grace or Steffy, or for the other three hundred people on the plane.  Because Sara knows that her husband will take care of everything.

And there he is, making his way to the emergency exit over the wing.  He’s got a cable clipped to his belt, and he carries a fire extinguisher in one hand and a toolbox in the other.  Sara knows Brian never worked on this model of airliner, but she also knows that he can fix anything aircraft-related.  He pulls the handle on the emergency exit and shoves it open.  He’s out and closing the door behind him before any air can be sucked out of the cabin. 

Somewhere in her mind, Sara is fairly certain it probably doesn’t work like that; that there’s so much air pressure that you could never budge the door at this altitude.  But logic has no place now, not while she’s watching her husband walking out onto the wing, fire extinguisher shooting off, working to save her, and their children and everyone else on the plane…


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