Book Tour – Voss Foster and “The Jester Prince”

Book Tour – Voss Foster and “The Jester Prince”

I’m happy to be hosting a stop in the book tour for Voss Foster and his new book, “The Jester Prince”


Hands covered Tobias’ eyes. His heart raced, muscles tightened. Until he drew a breath. A familiar smell. A good smell. Cheap tobacco and clay. “Marley.” 

Marley let go of Tobias and slid around to the front. Tobias looked him up and down, taking in the image. They hadn’t seen each other since setup the night before. Too long for Tobias. He followed the lines of Marley’s stout legs, the ample curve of his hips, the slight bulge of his midsection. Strong chest, arms hardened and scarred from heat, and a soft face, scruff across the chin and cheeks. He swept the floppy cap from his head and pulled out a thin, hand-rolled cigarette and a silver lighter. “You were pretty damn good, babe.” He held the cig between his lips and lit it, the orange tip burning down as he took a long drag. “But you’re good every night.”

-Zirkua Fantastic

Marley, bastard son of King Jester. And now he’s been stolen, kidnapped. But why? Why is he important? What’s one more half-breed child to King Jester, among his hundreds? Or one more soldier among thousands?

No one knows where Marley fits in, but Toby doesn’t care. Toby knows the only thing that matters: he will get Marley back.

Can he succeed? Find out in The Jester Prince, Book Two of the King Jester Trilogy.


thejesterprince (1)


With the destruction of Zirkua Fantastic, King Jester, the spirit of discord, has been unleashed once more upon the Earth. Only Toby, a fresh, untrained immortal, and the other former members of Zirkua Fantastic dare to stand against his chaos. But their hold is tenuous, and they are only truly safe from his power within the bounds of their camp. King Jester grows more powerful and more dangerous with each passing day. But he’s made one mistake. That mistake could be his undoing. He’s stolen Toby’s soul mate, Marley. When he discovers Marley’s location, Toby knows what he has to do. He will rescue Marley, even if it means he has to face King Jester alone.


But the others don’t let him go at it alone. Marley has information about the resistance. They can’t afford to let him stay in King Jester’s control. In desperation, the immortals raise an army to storm the compound. But will it be enough to challenge the embodiment of chaos himself? All they can do is hope. Hope and put their faith in love.


Available through Prizm Books.  you can buy it right here:


And you can follow Voss at his website:



“What’s going on, Toby?” Yvette, wrapped in a thin blanket, sat on one of the boxes Toby had pulled from the old prop truck. “Is something wrong?”


Beside her, Han stretched up, yawning. “Seriously. If it’s not that important, I’d like to sleep.”


“It’s about Marley.” They both sat straight up, eyes widening. Toby let them wait, spent his time lighting a fire in the middle of their tiny circle. Not a big fire, nothing to attract attention — no one else could know about this. He took as much time as he dared, making sure the tinder kept the flame. But the whole while, Han and Yvette stared down at him. He felt it in the chill on the back of his neck, saw it when he dared to glance up.


At last, he couldn’t waste any more time. He sat across from them, hands on his knees. “Marley’s dying.”


Shivering, Yvette rushed to his side, kneeled. “How do you know that?”


“Coyote, that guy that showed up today, he showed me. And he’s dying.” He tried to take a breath, calm himself, but the smoke blew straight into him. He sputtered, tears streaming down his face. “He’s dying, and I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”


“But what can you do?”


He wiped his eyes. “That’s why I wanted to talk to you.” He grabbed Yvette’s hand and gestured her back around the fire with a tilt of his head. Tobias cleared his throat. “You two can’t say anything about this, all right? Harlan and Madame Zerga wouldn’t understand. They can’t know.” They didn’t say anything, just stared down at the ground. Toby scooted closer to them. “Guys, please. I need someone else with me in this.”


Han nodded. “Of course.” He patted Toby’s shoulder. “I’ll help.”


“Yeah,” said Yvette. “I guess I will, too.”


Toby sighed. They agreed, but the knot of tension remained. They don’t want to betray Harlan. “I can’t let him die.” The thought chilled him again. “You two are the only ones I can even think about trusting with this. I need you.”


“What are we actually doing?” asked Yvette.


“I… we have to get him back. I just need to know I have you two with me. I’ll come up with a real plan later. But do I have you?”


Silence. They’ll say no. It was too much. They were humans: they’d die as soon as Coyote caught a whiff of them. They wouldn’t go against Harlan and Zerga, not after everything Zirkua had done for them.


Han stood first, put his hand back on Toby’s shoulder. “All right.”


Yvette came up on his other side. “You look shocked. Did you think we’d say no?”



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