Indie Author Spotlight – Jessica Page and “The Agency”

Indie Author Spotlight – Jessica Page and “The Agency”

I’ve got a fantastic indie author for you to meet this morning.  Say hello to Jessica Page (what an appropriate name for an author!):


Jessica Page, is an aspiring author who may or may not have a minor addiction to reading novels (both YA and adult fiction), watching movies and television series, especially ones that have supernatural/paranormal and/or steamy romantic elements in the storyline.

She lives in northern Ontario Canada with herhusband and pets. She hopes her stories provide you with an escape and some entertainment for a little while.

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And here’s her book!


HARPER ANDREWS, is a mind reader who has no idea how or why she is the way she is. After being saved by Agent Reid Doyle from a vampire attack she is introduced to a secret world guarded and protected by the Supernatural Enforcement and Control Agency (SECA). A world where vampires, werewolves and mages are normal and humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Things are not perfect but she finds herself thriving and feeling at home for the first time in her life. 

AGENT REID DOYLE, is a vampire who likes his solitude so the last thing he wanted when he saved Harper was to have to spend more time with her. The fact that he’s attracted to her is inconvenient and he resents having to be responsible for someone else. Losing another loved one is out of the question and he intends to avoid it at all cost. 

Both Harper and Reid can’t seem to turn off their attraction for one another and love, sex and blood has a way of complicating things quickly in their world. They need to stay focused and find out who’s responsible for the vampire caused human murders with additional internal and external threats working against them. Choices will be made to protect the things and people they love, choices that will change everything, including each other. 


You can find the book on Amazon, RIGHT HERE  And here’s a short excerpt for you:

I looked over at Harper and saw she had fallen to her knees and was gasping for air. Zoë ran over to her, holding her up before slowly helping her to her feet and seating her on the bleachers. Pushing the dizziness I was feeling aside, I hurried over to them, with Claude not far behind me.
“Harper, I don’t think you’re okay,” Zoë stated, her voice etched with worry. “I think we should take you to see a doctor.”
Harper didn’t respond. Her head hung down as she took deep breaths. Slowly she moved her pale face up, looking at me. She looked exhausted, but her green eyes shone with defiance. “Did I pass your f**ng test, Doyle? Am I worthy of being your partner now?”
I stood stunned, as if someone had slapped me across the face. I wasn’t sure how to reply; she had passed my test all right. In fact, she had exceeded my expectations as usual, but this was the maddest I’d ever seen her. I had literally been the worst person to her at every turn, and this was the first time she’d cussed at me. She had let me be as mean as I wanted and she just took it. I didn’t deserve her as a partner, not the other way around.


Last but not least, I’ve got a great interview with Jessica:

Who is your favorite author? 

This is always a dreaded question for me because I have so many! BUT if I have to pick… at this point in my life I think it would have to be J.K Rowling and C.J Roberts. Their series captivated me to the point of obsession. They entertained me while somehow constantly making me question things about the characters which left me wanting more. To me… that’s a good feeling… when you’ve learned so much about them and yet you just don’t feel like you’ve had enough.

How do you describe your writing style?

Firstly, I like writing from more than one character’s point of view. I think it adds depth to the story and you get a good sense about what each character is feeling or thinking. I guess if I had to describe my style it was would be: fun, funny (hopefully!), informal and a little punchy. I like to use strong language in adult fiction (when necessary) and I like for the story to flow in a way that is easy to read. It is a conscious decision to not good provide too much description of scenes. I often write in the ‘first person’ so I like for the reader to embark on the story without too much confinement. I’m a fan of feeling like you’re a part of the story/character when I read a book so I hope the same thing translates in my stories.

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

My goal is to provide unique romance-based stories with strong female characters which are easy to read. I hope to provide the reader with entertainment and an escape from reality for a short time.

Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

I think there are always elements of myself in my characters. Those elements might be characteristics or thoughts that I myself have or at times they are things that I wish I had or that I hope to have someday. I also like to ‘people watch’ and take elements both good and bad from people I know (i.e. friends, family, so on).

If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?

So far it would likely be Harper Andrews from The Agency. Why? Because she is badass!

What books have most influenced your life?

I am an avid reader so many books have forever embedded themselves into soul in some form or fashion. But the books that truly changed my life were the Harry Potter books. I love the world she created and her writing is amazing. She has a way or writing which enthrals like no one else and truly captivates your imagination. Those books were what got me interested in reading for fun instead of just because I had to for school. They changed my life.

If you could select one book that you could rewrite and add your own unique twist on, which book would that be and why?
Well this question is hard to answer because there are at times details of a story that I might not understand but that translate differently to others. The author included it for a reason so it is hard to argue against that without fully grasping their reasons… There isn’t really a book I would re-write per say however, I am a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse Series and the final book left me with some questions. Without providing any spoilers… I think I might have changed who Sookie ended up with OR I would have liked to better be introduced to the relationship to make it more believable. I guess I just didn’t feel it was an understood choice (although I can understand aspects of it) and I would have liked to better feel the romantic connection between them, especially after so many books. But again… perhaps that is what the author wanted for that character… stability and safety after a crazy series which I can understand.

Beatles or Monkees? Why?

Beatles! I feel like this answer needs no clarification but I will oblige. Any band that introduced the world to songs like: ‘Hey Jude’, “Come together’ and ‘Let it be’ are Gods amongst men. Plus the late John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ is breathtaking.
Who should play you in a film of your life?

Well seeing my life story would likely be a very uncomfortable experience haha… but if I had to pick… Hailee Steinfeld because she an acting chameleon and could likely play any role justly thus making it a little easier to watch.


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