Blessings of Love – Book 3 – “Bless His Heart” by Jessica L. Elliott

Blessings of Love – Book 3 – “Bless His Heart” by Jessica L. Elliott

Today’s the release date for the third book of the fantastic BLESSINGS OF LOVE sweet romance novella series (my book is out this Friday).  Today, it’s BLESS HIS HEART, by Jessica L. Elliott.

First, a little about Jessica








For as long as she can remember, Jessica L. Elliott has been telling stories. As soon as she could grasp a pencil she began writing those stories down. Reading fueled her imagination, as did spending time with her five younger brothers and sisters. Everything was an adventure, something to be treasured and stories were her first love. Jessica began seriously writing in high school and continued into college while attending Emporia State University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She wrote and released her first novel, Charming Academy, in August of 2011. Jessica currently lives in southwest Kansas with her husband and children.

You can follow Danielle on her website, on Facebook, and on her Amazon Author Page.

And now for the book!










When a big city boy’s scheming grandmother tries to set him up with her sassy, small town neighbor, sparks are bound to fly.

Greyson Able desperately wants to bring his grandmother, Georgie, to Kansas City where she’ll be closer to him and have better access to the things he’s sure the quaint town of Blessings lacks. Sweet, determined Georgie has other ideas, like staying put and a scheme to set him up with her next door neighbor, Hope.

Hope Fields has seen Georgie Able in action enough to recognize the matchmaking glint in her eye. She’s determined to ignore her elderly neighbor’s attempts to set her up with her grandson, especially when Greyson’s disdain for Blessings is so obvious. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done, because Georgie shows up at her job, Healing Hoofbeats, with Greyson in tow.

As the town’s Thanksgiving festivities approach, Hope’s determination wanes. Will her love be enough to bless Greyson’s heart?

You can buy it on Amazon RIGHT NOW!


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