Blessings of Love – Book 2 – “Blessed by the Fake Boyfriend” by Lacy Anderson

Blessings of Love – Book 2 – “Blessed by the Fake Boyfriend” by Lacy Anderson

This morning, book #2 of the excellent BLESSINGS OF LOVE sweet romance novella series (my book is out this Friday).  Today, it’s BLESSED BY THE FAKE BOYFRIEND, by Lacy Anderson.

First, a little about Lacy








Author Lacy Andersen isn’t a billionaire in disguise, an ancient vampire in line for the crown, or a rock star looking for love – but she does love to write about them. A graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a MFA in writing, she currently lives in South Dakota with her loving husband, two precious kids, and two furry pups. Supplying happily-ever-afters is her passion.

You can follow Lacy on her Amazon Author Page.

And now for the book!










One love pact, two brothers, and the woman caught between them.

Michelle Bright is back in her hometown of Blessings, Kansas for Thanksgiving break – and so is her childhood crush. The last time she saw him was the night she confessed her feelings and got soundly rejected. But a chance meeting with his older brother stirs up plans for a fake relationship that might just have her crush eating out of the palm of her hand.

Joseph Reeve’s military career is over, but he can’t seem to adjust back to civilian life. He longs to be the hero again. A man on a mission. When the lovely Michelle shares her plight, he jumps into action, knowing his little brother has always gone after the women he dated. Faking a relationship would practically guarantee his brother’s interest in Michelle. As long as Joseph doesn’t fall for her himself…

This complicated holiday romance just might make them thankful that love doesn’t always go the way they plan.

You can buy it on Amazon RIGHT NOW!


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