Writing Update

Writing Update

I’m nearly at the halfway mark for “Dream Reunion”.  I’ve got nearly 40,000 words written, and I’m up to chapter 7, with two later scenes (probably a full chapter’s worth) written as well.

I’m still hopeful that I can get a draft finished by my self-imposed deadline of October 31st, and then get the book out by the end of November or early December (just in time for Christmas).

I’m making progress on the short piece starring Sara’s parents (tentatively titled “Betty and Howard’s Excellent Adventure”).  I’m shooting for 10,000-20,000 words, and I’m thinking it’ll be a freebie, or at most $0.99, if I can’t make it free on Amazon.  And I’m hoping to have it recorded for audio as well.

“Queen of the Idiots”, unfortunately, is going a lot more slowly than I’d hoped.  I’m still only on chapter 4, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to meet my deadline of the end of November for a first draft.  Part of the problem is that I’m so used to writing in the first person, and present tense, for the Dream Series books, that it’s really difficult to transition to a different POV and tense (and tone) for Jane’s book.

On the audibook front, “Dream Doctor” should be out hopefully by the end of this week, and “Dream Child” is in production, with six chapters recorded so far, and it’s sounding great.

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