Waking Dream update

Waking Dream update

I’m still hoping to be able to launch the book in the next two weeks.  The book itself is ready to go – I’m just waiting on the cover.  I got my first sketch from Ami (my amazing artist) and I had a few revisions, so we’ll see how quickly that progresses.

This cover was a little trickier than the previous ones, because with all the rest of them, I was able to draw a sketch for Ami to work from.  This time, I couldn’t do it – I tried several times, but I couldn’t get anything useful down.  I just don’t know how to draw anything with any sort of perspective, and for what I wanted on this cover, that’s pretty vital.  So she had to rely solely on my verbal description…and I didn’t do such a great job translating my thoughts into words, either.

But she got really close with the initial sketch – one or two revisions should get it exactly how I’m picturing it in my head, and then we’ll be good to go with the book.


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