Indie Author Spotlight – L.M. Boelz and “Syeribus”

Indie Author Spotlight – L.M. Boelz and “Syeribus”

I always enjoy introducing new indie authors, and today is no exception.  This morning, I’ve got L.M. Boelz to introduce to you…



L.M. (Lin Maree) Boelz is a proud mother of two children and three grandchildren.  She has had a fascination with legends and stories told around campfires as long as she can remember. She was always the first one to jump up and offer a chilling tale of what is really hiding in the shadows. After being asked by several people if she ever planned on writing a book; she decided to follow her passion and write down some of her stories.

Lin decided the best place to start was with one of her worst fears as a child. No matter what her parents said, she was sure there was something hiding under the bed.  Lin relates the authors havening the biggest influence on her writing to be; Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Sir Arthur Konan Doyle. The shows that influenced her most were: “The Twilight Zone,” “The Outer Limits” and “Night Gallery.”

When asked what she believed made a good story she related that she believes to keep a book interesting you have to have just the right amount of plot twist.  As a reader she likes to be surprised when something unexpected happens. Lin’s favorite way to end a campfire tales is to ask; ‘Have you ever asked yourself, what if it is not just a story?’

You can follow her at her website.

She’s got two books out now in her “Syeribus” series.



Ever wonder if the stories they tell while sitting around a campfire are true? Carol found herself asking that very same question after hearing a story told by a mysterious old man. She could still hear the words that he had spoken: “I am not offering this account to merely scare you, as the others before have attempted. I am here to warn you of the dangers that await you upon your return home.”

To combat her growing fears Carol began to weave fanciful tales to explain away the mysterious sounds she could hear in her room at night. In her stories she was always able to defeat the monsters hiding in the shadows.

​As her family moved progressively across America, Carol found others also interested in creating tales of fantasy and adventure. Encouraged by this, Carol formed The Weaver of Shadows Club. In the club It was all fun and games until unexpectedly, the tales told by other members in the club began to mirror her dreams a little too closely. When she found herself falling deeper into the darkness. Carol began questioning whether they were really dreams at all. Most of all, she was left with a haunting unanswered question: Was the troll-like creature, referred to as Syeribus by the old man, behind it all?

You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and on the Apple iBookstore.

The next book in this series is available as well…



Picking up after Book One – Syeribus: Creatures of the Night, Carol must convince authorities that she no longer believes imaginary creatures have been taking everyone.

Free from one nightmare, she is faced with another: finding a way into the dark forbidden world of Syeribus in a desperate bid to save the people she loves.

But first she must find Peter, the boy she loves. Does he still have the key to unlock the mysterious gateway? Where has he been? Did they get him too? Carol struggles to keep her fears from taking over. She needs answers to questions no one should have to ask.

You can buy it at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

I’ve also got an interview with Lin…

Who is your favorite author? Doyle and Poe

How do you describe your writing style? I am a flow writer. I start out with an  idea and then picture it. It is kind of like watching a movie in my head and I write what the characters want to say or do. In book two I ended up adding ten chapters to cover it all.


Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

I have taken a childhood fear and brought it to life. It is more than just your typical scary book, it makes you ask what if?


If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why? Part of Carol is modeled after myself. And with what they go through I can’t say I would be willing to trade places with any of them.


What books have most influenced your life?

I read everything Poe and Doyle put out. I mainly read books that have plot twists in them. I love being surprised.


If you could select one book that you could rewrite and add your own unique twist on, which book would that be and why?

Chucky I would make it have more depth and suspense. I would create a false sense of security and have a more in-depth plan for the outcome.

Beatles or Monkees? Why?

Monkees; the reason for this is because of how spontaneous they were. They actually wrote a song for their show on the way to the studio.


Who should play you in a film of your life?

Sigourney Weaver (Aliens) she is tough and has an unusual sense of humor


And last, but definitely not least, here’s an excerpt from Syeribus…enjoy!

The open gate was almost within reach, when suddenly, the sidewalk leapt up to meet her! Her shoe had become untied and decided to stay behind.

Asil hit the ground hard, her body slammed to the rain-soaked gravel path leading from the sidewalk to the front gate.

She could feel the searing pain as the gravel ripped across her legs and bare arms, causing her to cry out. Her screams mixed with the tormenting howl of the storm, as if the storm itself were there to aid the hideous creature.

No one came to her rescue.

Screaming, yet again, Asil’s cries for help were masked by a thunderous explosion of light and sound, as the storm mocked her misery.

Asil, frantically tried to rise and regain her footing, clawing at the fence post, she tried to get up, only to come crashing back down into a deep puddle that had formed near the gate. The water splashed into her face unmercifully, causing her to choke as she swallowed a mouthful of muddy water. Asil’s eyes were open wide with fear, despite the stinging rain and mud that had gotten into them.

Asil no longer noticed the bleeding cuts on her arms and legs, as the blood ran down mixing with the rain.

Suddenly, Asil’s focus was torn from trying to regain her footing as she was thrust, headlong, into a state of agonizing terror. The creature grabbed her from behind and yanked on her foot! Asil tried to push up and regain her footing as the real panic set in. Her heart thundered in her chest. Blinded by terror, Asil fought off the urge to succumb and began kicking wildly at her assailant, trying to free herself. She did not dare reach down to where the creature was driving its sharp teeth and claws into her ankle.

Feeling as if she could not fight off her attacker much longer, and unable to free herself by kicking at the creature attacking her, Asil reached down to in an attempt to release herself from its grasp. She quickly grabbed at her ankle, only to withdraw as her small hand was met with a searing pain.

Asil screamed, “You bit my hand, you horrible monster!” As her fear was replaced by anger, she pulled, with all her might against the grasp of the creature as it attempted to drag her into its lair, never to be seen or heard from again.

Surprised at freeing herself, Asil quickly crawled backwards, on her hands and feet, keeping her backside just inches off the ground.

The gate slammed against the catch, just as Asil cleared the fence line. She could see it had not completely latched. Asil kicked at the gate until it was firmly secured.

She scrambled to her feet and sprinted for the front door and the protection of the well-lit porch, only to go tripping up the front steps and nearly losing her balance again.


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