A few things to mention this morning.  I’m working to get word out on the books, and I’ve got a “professional” review from the Parenormal Romance Guild.  It’s a mixed bag – 3 stars, which on their scale is “a good book” but the actual review is somewhat less glowing.  Still, it’s publicity, and maybe it’ll get more people to look at the book.

I’m also trying to spread the word on Facebook and, God help me, Twitter (just signed up this morning), as well as the many, many sites that promote free Kindle books (which Dream Student will be next Tuesday and Wednesday as a special promotion).

And I’m making friends on Goodreads, and you’ll be seeing my promote a couple of authors from there on this site in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully see my promoted on other blogs.

And along with all that, I’m plugging away on the new books, too.  Busy, busy!

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