Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m taking advantage of one of the promotional tools Amazon provides for Kindle authors – free promotion days.  So, book 1, Dream Student, will be free for those two days.  The idea is, you make your book free for a day or two, and theoretically, lots of people download and read it.

What happens then, ideally, is three things:

I get lots of good reviews from people who liked the book, which helps convince anyone who then looks at it on Amazon that it’s a good book and worth reading.

All the downloads pushes the book up in Amazon’s search algorithms  so it appears to more people as they search on Amazon.

Anyone who liked the book will want to buy and read the other three (not free) books in the series.

I’ve been trying to get the word out; we’ll see how this works next week…

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