UpAuthors Fiction Challenge

UpAuthors Fiction Challenge

So I entered all four Dream Series books in the UpAuthors Fiction Challenge, and, while the judging isn’t final yet, they definitely like the books:

Congratulations! The team at UP Authors decided that your book seriesĀ are UP Authors Approved! Attached is the JPEG to show your fans and potential target audience.

We are finished going over the 62 Fiction Challenge submissions. Although we are disappointed that we fell under the 200 mark and had to withdrawal the cash prizes, we are excited to read the wonderful books that had been submitted. Also, we will do everything possible to promote you.

On the UP Authors website we announced 5th, 6th, and 7th places. Keep in mind that many quality books did not make the top seven. In fact, we had 23 books that easily could have made the top seven. That is why we are doing the UP Authors Approved JPEG, because you deserve it!

UP Approved

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