“Dark Dawn” by Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Andrews Moore – Blog Tour!

“Dark Dawn” by Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Andrews Moore – Blog Tour!

I’m thrilled to be participating in the blog tour celebrating the release of a new novel by Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Andrews Moore, “Dark Dawn”, the first book in the Dark Redemption series.  You can read more about the series at the Dark Redemption Facebook page as well.

I’ve been helping Melissa and Nicole as a beta reader on another upcoming work, and they’re both great writers and extremely cool people, so I’m happy to introduce them to you.

Here’s a bit more about Nicole…



Nicki has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina with her children for the past eleven years and her husband for the past two and a half. Her journey has barely begun and she has loved every minute of it. Every day of her life seems to bring new adventures, some bigger, better, shinier and prettier than others. She’s still getting used to that new life smell she’s experiencing, a combination of hope, love, and happiness. (The perfect scents to build a new life on…)
For fun, she spends time with those she cares about, cooks, reads, writes, and especially lives to travel. The current travel goal: visit every Margaritaville. Three down! (Eleven to go?)
In May 2013, Nicki started Stories and Swag, a blog that promotes authors and swag suppliers. Her writing can also be found on Shine, where she is a Shine Parenting Guru and an award winning Yahoo! Contributor on YourWisdom as the relationship and dating expert. And she has been published by McClatchy News in their syndicated papers.

And here’s Melissa…


 Melissa Brodsky used to tell everyone she knew that she was going to be a writer when she grew up. She’s currently working on that goal. Living in Michigan in a modern-day “Yours, Mine and Ours” type household, Melissa is the biological mother of 3 and a full-time stepmother, as well. On some days, she may even be considered evil, and not just by her stepchildren. Most of the time, she is sitting at the kitchen table, poised over her computer while daydreaming up new plots for books. She blogs (on occasion) over at rockanddrool.com.   Melissa has two series in the works, Dark Redemption and a YA Paranormal series, Hallows Haven, the first book being released in July.

You can follow Melissa at her blog, on Facebook, on Goodreads and on Twitter.  And you can follow Nicole on Facebook and on her blog as well.

So, about the book:

dark redemption dark dawn cover

 In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth, and everything in between. The In-between was unplanned, unexpected, and unwelcome. Every action causes a reaction and when mankind was born, so were the Fae. Suddenly it was up to Heaven to save Earth. God created Angels to right his wrong, to save human kind. A deal was made, an agreement of sorts. The Angels would protect humanity from Fae domination and destruction, and in return they would have inhuman strength and immortality. Thus a time of angels swooping in to save humans from free will, bad decisions, and big mistakes began. They protected humans from the Fae who intentionally enslaved them, leaving shells of humans, or worse, leaving nothing at all.

Even God doesn’t always learn from mistakes. Angels were given freedom of choice. Some Angels chose wrong. When some of them spread their wings, they went too far, and just as Icharus was punished for getting too close to the sun, they were punished for getting too close to mankind.

So they fell. Falling was the easy part.

Melissa and Nicole have done something really interesting – they’ve got two editions of the book.  Because there is sexual content, they’re sensitive to the needs and sensibilities of readers, and so there’s a New Adult (for older teens, 17+, and for those who are uncomfortable with more explicit sexual material) and a Mature Adult edition for readers who are prepared and comfortable with it.

You can find the book at Goodreads, and in two versions at Amazon – the less explicit New Adult edition, and the fully explicit Mature Adult edition.  You can find it for the Nook at Barnes & Noble as well.

And, last but definitely not least –  I’ve got an interview with Melissa, here, and Nicole, right below – just keep reading!!

Melissa’s Interview


Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?

My mom used to always tell me that you should always ask for what you want, the worst thing that could happen is you’ll be told no.  I live by those words.  I’m not afraid to ask and I’m not afraid to be told no.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Everything about writing is rewarding to me.  Finally getting those characters out of my head, that’s one thing.  They can drive you insane with their constant reminders that they are there, ya know?  Also, I love when I start writing and the characters really come to life, taking scenes in directions I wouldn’t have expected.  It’s almost like I’m a vessel and the characters guide me.  That sounds insane, doesn’t it?

Do you have a Website or Blog?  

I do.  I’ve been blogging over at rockanddrool.com for about 6 years.

How did you start your writing career?

I always ALWAYS wanted to be a writer.  Ever since I was a little girl.  I think my writing career started a long time ago, in my head.  I used to fantasize a lot, crazy stories filled with worlds and creatures I made up.  I really wish I had the foresight to jot them down back then.  Thankfully, I remember a bunch of my old ideas and I’m currently marinating in them, trying to build a strong enough foundation for a few more novels.  After the ones I already have in the works.  When I started blogging, it refueled my passion for writing.  I started out as a personal blogger which then became a career.  I started becoming um…bored…with writing about personal stuff.  Fiction is so much more interesting.  So, I began throwing short stories onto my blog.  Now, I only want to write fiction.  Paranormal.  And maybe some other stuff, we’ll see.

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The hardest part of writing my books is writing my books.  Actually sitting down, uninterrupted, to be able to write.  Too many people calling me Mom around here!  They come first though.  The second hardest part of writing my books…is working out the plot so it flows.  After those two little issues are fixed, the rest is easy.

Does your significant other read your stuff?

No.  Neither my husband nor my children read my stuff.  I think they are so sick of hearing me talk about it that they lose interest once the pieces are actually written.  Whatev to them.  They just don’t know what they are missing.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

The most surprising thing I learned was that I am capable of completing a novel.  For the longest time, I only stuck to short stories.  I was intimidated by what seemed like a daunting task of writing more than a few thousand words.  But, not that I’ve done it for both Dark Redemption Series and Hallows Haven, it’s not big thang anymore.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

Mostly pantser.  Because that’s how I roll.

And Nicole…

Nicole’s Interview
Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
When my husband and I were dating, we took a cruise.  It went to Key West and Cozumel out of Miami.  We were in love with cruising and each other.  One of our best moments during that trip was in Cozumel, going to the beach and then watching the sunset from Margaritaville.  Thus began our determination to visit all the Margaritavilles we could.  So far, we’ve hit Cozumel, Myrtle Beach (numerous times), and Grand Turk.
Entice us, what future projects are you considering? 
A best seller and I have talked about writing a series together.  We are both inundated with projects at the moment, but I think we may actually hook up to do this at some point.  We both have gifts we bring to the table and I work with her in various capacities all the time already so it seems like that would just be the natural progression of things.
Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?
In the New Hope Series, Stormy Surrender, I would have to say that Marti and I have a lot in common…similar backgrounds, similar experiences, and a similar attitude.
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I played the piano for ten years.  Once I graduated and moved away, I had to let that go, which was sad.  It was my favorite form of stress release.  I have had a piano twice briefly in my adult life.  Both times, I have had to sell it because of moving.  Now…I’m not sure it fits into my life anymore, but my passion for music will never die.
You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you’ll buy?
A boat.  A really nice boat with a crew to do the stuff I’m no good at…like navigate and park.  We dream of traveling the Caribbean and…I’d love to visit the Mediterranean, too.
Do you have a favorite quote, quip, or saying? What is it?
Nothing happens unless first a dream.  It’s a Carl Sandburg quote.  I dreamed of being a writer and now I’m doing it.  JB McGee of Indie Pixel Studios and best selling author of This Series made me a nice Facebook cover for my personal page.  It says: She thought she could so she did.  I like that, too.
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