Taking Stock

Taking Stock

So, four months into the big self-publishing adventure, how do I feel?

Pretty good, for the most part.  It’s always in my mind that I’d still be waiting for any response from a publisher or agent if I’d submitted the books that way, so I’m already ahead of the game in one way.

I’ve met some great people, both on Goodreads and on Facebook, and they’ve become actual, genuine fans of my books and my characters, which is amazing.

I’ve gotten the first book recorded as a fantastic audiobook.

I’ve gotten the word out; there are 541 “likes” of the Dream Series on Facebook, and I have 736 Twitter followers.  Four months ago, I wasn’t even on either service.

And as for the books themselves…I’ve given away (on Amazon during the free promotion of Dream Student, and as review copies or prizes, 906 copies of the books; and I’ve actually sold 578 copies.  I’ve gotten 52 reviews on Amazon.

To top it all off, I’ve got another book ready to go next month, made a start on the one after that, and I’ve even got an idea for book #7 already.

I really can’t complain.  All I CAN do is thank everyone who’s visited here, given me encouragement, taken a look at the books, or otherwise supported me in this effort.  And I can believe that there’s nowhere to go from here but up!

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