Friday Morning Update

Friday Morning Update

I’m featured in a couple of different places today.  First of all, Sheri Fredricks has very kindly highlighted me and the Dream books this morning over at her site.  Please hop on over and take a look!

Second, I’m at the Virtual book Fair on Facebook – definitely check that out, too.

As for book updates, “Waking Dream” is being proof-read and tweaked (I added a very brief scene, which I guess I can show you, since it’s not a spoiler at all):

“What’s this?”  Brian derails my thoughts about our children, taking an envelope off the side table and showing it to me.

“No idea,” I say.

“That’s my Dad’s handwriting,” Brian says, examining it more closely.  “And here, it’s for you.”  Peering at it myself, I can see Ben’s obsessively neat handwriting.  I nod for him to go ahead and open it for me.  He pulls out a note.  “For my wonderful daughter-in-law,” Brian reads, smiling as he does.  “You probably think I forgot our conversation in your father’s hospital room.”  What conversation?  Brian laughs at my confused expression and continues reading.  “I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot it yourself, with everything that’s gone on the last three weeks.”  He’s a smart man, that Ben.  “But never let it be said that an Alderson shirks on a promise.  Enjoy these pictures.  Consider them a belated Christmas gift.  All my love, Benedict.”

Pictures?  Oh!  I remember.  I remember exactly what Ben’s talking about.  Yes!  Pictures!  “Brian, give them to me.  Now!”

He pulls several photos out of the envelope, looks at the one on top and makes a face I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before.  It’s difficult to describe – it almost looks as though his brain has just shut itself down.  And I can understand why.  I reach over with my good hand and take the pictures out of his hand.  There she is, Helen, in all her cheerleader glory.

The top picture shows her in a brown, striped skirt that goes almost to her knees, with a white sweater that’s got what look like feathers on the sleeves.  She’s holding brown-and-white pom-poms, and the picture caught her in mid-cheer.  Both Ben and Helen went to Lehigh University, and those are the school colors, brown and white.

There are a few more like that, and then – oh, God, this is the best.  This is the all-time best.  She’s in a giant bird suit.  A big brown bird, with wings and a tail and everything.  A hawk.  Because Lehigh’s mascot is the Mountain Hawk.  And there my mother-in-law is, Miss Mountain Hawk!  She’s holding the giant bird head, with its giant yellow beak, under one “wing” and pointing menacingly at someone with the other.

I start laughing hysterically, and when Brian catches sight of the bird picture, he joins me.  It takes me twenty minutes to calm down, and when I do, Brian has to hold me back to keep me from going to wake the kids up so I can show them their grandmother.  It’s…

“Wow,” I say, still giggling.  “Just – wow.  I remember now.  I told Ben that he made my whole year.  And he really did.  Wow.”

Helen Alderson in a giant bird suit.  That’s an image I won’t ever forget, and as my eyes close and I start to drift off, I carry it with me into sleep…

And I’ve begun work on book #6, “Dream Reunion” as well…

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