Radio Tonight!

Radio Tonight!

Be sure to tune in tonight on your internet radio.  I’ll be on at 8:45 PM on he Author’s Corner with Elaine Reco Chase.  But the show actually runs from 8 PM, and there will be other great authors you can hear about, so you ought to tune in early!

Also, check out the weekly Virtual Book Fair, starting tomorrow at 9 AM.  As usual, I’ll be there, along with dozens of other great indie writers!


I’ve got an update on Book #5, too.  The prologue and chapters 1-6, and also 8-9 are written.  Chapter 7 is close to halfway done, and I’ve also started writing a bit of the ending, Chapter 16.  I’m still unsure whether the ending I have in mind really fits.  This will sound silly (or strange), but I don’t think readers will have any problem with it – it’s Sara who’s got objections.  She really does have a mind of her own…

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