Monday Morning

Monday Morning

It’s a rainy, dark Monday morning.  But I’m hopeful – I’ve got a big promotion going for Dream Student (which is still on sale for $0.99, so hop on over to Amazon and download it if you haven’t already!).  I’ve fgot my fingers crossed that I’ll see some big sales today.

The audiobook is also in production, which I’m very excited about.  You can listen to the first few minutes of chapter one right here.

And in non-writing news, I ought to mention the last couple of movies I saw.  I mostly enjoyed Star Trek: Into Darkness”, but (even more so than the previous J.J. Abrams Trek movie) it kind of falls apart when you think about it even a little bit.  It looks pretty, and the cast does a fantastic job, but the writing…oh, the writing.  I don’t want to spoil anything, so I can’t go into my complaints in detail.

I also saw “Iron Man 3”, which I also enjoyed, and which held together a little bit better upon reflection.  It’s definitely worth seeing.

Next up – probably “Man of Steel”, although I have reservations about it.  I seem to be getting picker and more crotchety as time goes on.  It won’t be long before I’m in full “Get off my lawn!” mode!

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