Just a little change of pace.  I was/am a huge fan of the TV series Farscape and also a regular poster on the Television Without Pity forums for that show.  One of the subforums was a “creative” forum, where us fans would indulge ourselves, and one of the discussion threads was for “Farscape Haiku”.  I’m not a poet by any stretch of the imagination, but I did manage to come up with a haiku for each of the 88 episodes of the show.  Here are a few of (what I consider) the best…

Shot through a wormhole
This living ship is very big
I’m never getting home

They say they’re your friends
Don’t trust them, Pilot, please don’t!
They’ll chop your arm off

Caught up like dolphins
In a cosmic tuna net
John and Aeryn mate

Frell your Gammack Base
And your Aurora Chair too
“John Crichton was here!”

Poor sad Chiana,
Her brother is dead, she thinks
Off a cliff she jumps

Nebari psycho,
Don’t you touch my optic nerve!
No wonder Pip left

Pity John Crichton
His brain is not his own now
Frelling neurochip

Things keep going wrong
They are so very frelled
Time travel is bad

Just gross beyond words
Is it cannibalism
If you eat your clone?

Wormhole, finally
The Hero’s Journey for John
Reach your goal then die

What is reality?
As always, John does not know.
Bye, pregnant Aeryn!

Let’s all go to camp
Brutal mental torture camp
Great idea, Scorpy

Jump on a table,
Sneak, skulk, lie, dance, riot. and then –
Scorpy, you bastard!

Run about, scream and shout
Then drop the bomb down the shaft:
Katratzi go boom!


Bonus points if you can guess the episodes!


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