On to the next book!

On to the next book!

The launch of “Dream Reunion” is still on schedule for December 16th.

Which means it’s time to focus on the next book.  I still don’t have a title, although “Dream House” or “Dream Home” are possibilities.  I DO, however, have a plot, some chapter titles, a new character (well, an idea for one, anyway; he needs to be fleshed out a bit once he hits the page), another new character (Sara’s Great Aunt Mindy) an ending (pending a couple of research questions), and an explanation, finally, for why exactly Sara has the ability to visit other people’s dreams.

As a very, very preliminary tease, here are the chapter titles I know I’ll be using (in approximate order of appearance):

Mutiny on the Bounty

The West Point Story

The Mindy Project


The Music Man

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