Book Launch – Simone Beaudelaire and “High Plains Holiday”

Book Launch – Simone Beaudelaire and “High Plains Holiday”

I’m thrilled to spotlight a great indie author (and I’ve read the book – it’s wonderful!), Simone Beaudelaire and her brand new novel, “High Plains Holiday.”

First things first, here’s a little about the author:


Simone Beaudelaire is the pseudonym for a mild-mannered French teacher from Texas. When she isn’t explaining verb conjugation and adjective agreement, she’s writing heart-warming romances with plenty of heat. Mme Beaudelaire lives with her husband of a dozen years, three small children and one lazy tabby cat. Mme Beaudelaire loves to hear from readers and can be reached at or through her web site Also look for her on Facebook and Twitter.

And here’s her brand new (out TODAY, in fact!) novel…

Garden City, Kansas, 1888

A small Western town receives an early Christmas present; a new pastor for the church. He’s young, handsome, and single. But to church organist Kristina Heitschmidt, Reverend Cody Williams is nothing but trouble. Especially as his first move is to attempt to take control of the music away from her. But Kristina is not about to give up her life’s work.

With Christmas fast approaching, it appears the two are at a stalemate. That is, until a sudden blizzard traps them together in the church overnight. Forced at last to deal with each other, they realize that the explosive feelings between them are really symptoms of an overwhelming passion that just might, if they can finally be honest, lead to the love of a lifetime.

You can buy it on Amazon, right now!

And here’s my review…

I was provided an advance review copy of Simone Beaudelaire’s “High Plains Holiday,” and I’m glad I was.  Books set in the Old West (the book takes place in 1888, in Kansas; that definitely counts) aren’t usually my thing, but I was captured by this novel from the first page.

“High Plains Holiday” tells the story of Cody Williams, the brand new pastor of the town of Garden City, Kansas, literally just off the train; and Kristina Heitschmidt, the church organist.  The author builds both Cody and Kristina believably and sympathetically right from the start, and draws the reader into their tale.  Can Cody settle in and find his place in this new and, for him, very strange environment?  Will he and Kristina get past their initial distrust of one another?  You’ll have to read the book to find out…

The author also does an outstanding job of making the town feel real, with details that ground the book firmly in it’s proper place and time.  There’s also an interesting cast of supporting characters, all of them well-drawn, leaving plenty of room for the next book in this series (the cover promises that this is only book one in the “Love on the High Plains” series).

The author as a flair for descriptive language, which makes the setting and the people really come alive.  The book is told in the third person, and alternates between Cody’s and Kristina’s points of view (with a couple of detours into other characters at appropriate moments).

I truly enjoyed this novel, I highly recommend it, and I’m looking forward to book two!


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