Dream Reunion

Dream Reunion

Dr. Sara Alderson is heading back to college for her ten-year class reunion.  Her husband and two of her children are coming with her – and so are her supernatural dreams.

One of her old classmates is becoming more frantic with every passing night.  Sara can’t see his face, but she can see everything else in his dreams, and he’s coming closer and closer to committing a desperate act to try and save his business.  Sara’s the only one who can save him, and his family – if she can figure out who he is and what he’s planning in time.

Dream Reunion is the fifth book of the Dream Doctor Mysteries.




















Read an Excerpt:

I can’t help myself.  I run up the stairs, leaving Mom and Dad and Bob behind.  I want to see my room!  I come through the doorway and I follow the room numbers – 208 should be to the left.  I walk up to the door, put a hand on the doorknob, and it’s not locked.  Here I am, an official college student, and – God, what’s a boy doing in the room?  

He’s with my roommate.  I see her now.  Elizabeth Rosewell.  She’s on one of the beds, about three feet away from the boy, panting and straightening her t-shirt.  She was making out with him!  In my room!  I knew I wasn’t going to like her.  We talked twice over the summer.  She called me, she wanted to know what I was bringing, would I have a TV or a stereo, that kind of thing.  That was the first call.  The second call was just to chat.  She wanted to talk about social life on campus; she was excited because the male-female ratio here at Crew is so skewed.  It’s two boys to every girl, and she was just thrilled. 

Obviously she didn’t waste a second getting right on that.  Look at her – of course that’s how she is.  She’s really blonde, and tall and clearly very willing.  The boys are just going to love her.  One of them already is, and freshman orientation hasn’t even started yet.

The boy stands up and mumbles “Hello,” to me on his way out the door.  I don’t say anything in return.

“See you later, Adam,” my roommate says, turning her attention to me.  “Sorry about that, Sara, if I’d known when you were getting here, I would have…”

She’s cut off by the arrival of my family.  “You must be Elizabeth,” Dad says, smiling brightly.  I guess he didn’t pay any attention to the boy skulking past him.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Elizabeth hops off of the bed and shakes Dad’s hand.  “It’s Beth.  Nobody ever calls me ‘Elizabeth,’ except my mother when she’s angry with me.”  Which must be all the time.

“Beth it is,” Dad agrees stepping aside for Mom to introduce herself.

“Hi, Mrs. Barnes.  It’s nice to meet you,” my roommate says.  “And, Sara, is that your brother?”  She grins at Bob, whose eyes might as well be dangling out of their sockets.  He only really started becoming interested in girls seriously this summer, and obviously his hormones are working overtime right now.

“Yeah, that’s him,” I mutter.  “Bob, Beth.  Beth, Bob.”

“Beth,” Mom says, “after we get all Sara’s things up from the car, we’re going out for a bite to eat.  You should come, too.”

No!  It’s bad enough I’m going to be stuck in the same room with her for the next several months – can’t I at least have one final meal with my family to myself?

“Mom?”  Lizzie has hold of my arm, and she’s shaking me.

“I’m sorry.  I was just remembering…”

Everyone else is out of the car already; Brian’s pulling Beth’s suitcase out of the back.  When I get out, Beth gives me a wicked grin and asks, “Good memories or bad memories?”

I sigh, feeling myself blush.  “Stupid memories.  I was thinking about the first time we met, and how much of an idiot I was.”

She shakes her head.  “Yes, you were.”  The best friend I could ever hope to have, and I was so completely wrong about her at first.  I was wrong about a lot of things, and if Beth hadn’t been the best friend I didn’t really deserve, I probably never would have figured them out.

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