My Sexy Saturday – Brand New Audiobook edition!

My Sexy Saturday – Brand New Audiobook edition!

Welcome to my stop on the 100th edition of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  The theme is My Sexy HOT, and I’ve got a little excerpt below that fits the bill.  It’s from book six of the series, DREAM REUNION, and it’s all about Sara and Brian’s first experience with “make-up sex”…


We have the whole place to ourselves.

I think Brian’s just realized exactly the same thing; he looks over to me, and then, suddenly we’re in each other’s arms.  Our lips meet and a moment later – I don’t even know how it happened – we’re on the floor, limbs entwined, my blouse and his pants off, thrown in the corner.  I need – I want – oh, God, he’s touching me right there – I can’t – no!

“Brian,” I pant.  “Brian!  Stop!  We can’t.”  This isn’t our house.  We can’t do this – not right here on the floor in their living room.

He’s backing off of me, then he reaches down to pull me up.  “Come on.  Upstairs,” he says.  I hear the hunger in his voice.  I feel it, too, all through my body.  But…

“No.  Not upstairs,” I say.  I don’t know how I’m keeping any control of myself at all.  He gasps as my hand, entirely of its own accord, slips into his boxers.   I slowly, reluctantly pull it back.  We can’t go upstairs.  That’s not our bedroom, either.  But – if we don’t – oh, God, I’m going to die if we don’t, right now!

We figure it out together, in the same instant, and we don’t need words.  He starts off for the garage, pulling me along.

DreamReunionV1 Cover Smaller


Click the cover above to find the book on Amazon.  You can also find links to it it at other retailers, RIGHT HERE!

And if you want the BRAND NEW AUDIOBOOK, which is fantastic, by the way, just click on the cover below!

New_Audiobook_Dream Reunion

Here’s a sample to whet your appetite…

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