My Sexy Saturday – Looking Back at Dream Reunion

My Sexy Saturday – Looking Back at Dream Reunion

So the theme of this week’s My Sexy Saturday blog hop is “My Sexy Best.”  And I’ve got a little scene from book six of the Dream Series that shows us Sara knows that Brian is, without question, the best man for her.  To set it up a bit, Sara is at her 10 year college reunion, and she’s talking to her friend Janet from medical school.  It turns out that Janet, despite being 33 years old, is still a virgin, and she’s thinking that might change later in the evening.  So she goes to the only person at the reunion she can trust with such a sensitive topic: Sara.  And Sara shares her wisdom…

“Sara?”  Her tone is almost pleading.  “I – I know this is weird.  But there’s nobody else I trust to talk to.  And – I – I don’t know what to do.”  She laughs suddenly, almost hysterically.  “Of course I know what to do!  I’m a doctor, it’s not like I don’t know how all the parts work!  But…”

But knowing whether you want to or not – whether the time is right or not – is a whole different thing, and not something you can learn from a textbook.  And neither is knowing how to properly make love to someone, how to please and be pleased.  I’m no expert, though – what can I really tell her?

The truth.  What else is there?

I was thinking about it earlier today, wasn’t I?  “Janet, I was – this afternoon, we visited the old dorm.  We were standing right outside my old room, room 208.  And I thought back to the first time I brought Brian up there, the first time we…”

The first time Brian ever…

And, in a way, my first time, too.  I’d had sex before.  With boys.  I hadn’t ever made love, or been with a real man, not until that first night with Brian.  “Anyway, I was remembering.  And – I knew, Janet.  I knew it in my gut, when we were standing there in the hallway, and he was waiting for me to open the door.  I knew it was right.  The times I’d been with someone before that, the couple of boyfriends I had before Brian, I never had that feeling.  Not once.  There was no doubt with him, none at all.”

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