My Sexy Saturday – March 7th

My Sexy Saturday – March 7th

So it’s time again for the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  It’s simple: post seven paragraphs fitting this week’s theme (“We all know that love happens and we want to know all about those special moments where those entities realize there is an emotional bond between one another.”).  So this is from DREAM STUDENT, right after Sara has returned to school after Christmas break, and she’s trying to think of a way to properly thank her boyfriend for his gift to he r(a very expensive emerald necklace).  And she does come up with something…

“Your Christmas gift is the best and the most special one I’ve ever received.  I’ve thought and thought about what I can give you in return, and I know now what it will be.  I want to be your best, most special Christmas present.  This year, and every year…”  I read it back over, several times.  I underline the “I want.”  I think that says it perfectly.  When I’m finished, I put the card in the envelope and seal it.

I go around to the back stairs and head up to Brian’s room.  The credit card trick works just as easily as it did the other day and I go inside.  I take the Christmas card with the note I wrote and tape it to the outside of the door.  Then I go inside and I lock the door behind me.

I take off my coat and all the rest of my winter gear, and I don’t even realize I’m folding everything and hanging it up neatly until I’ve done it.  Some habits run really deep, I guess.  When that’s finished, I take off everything else I’m wearing – of course I fold all that up, too – and I get properly dressed for the surprise.  I lie down on his bed to wait.

It’s almost three o’clock when I hear footsteps right outside the door.  I hear Brian’s voice muttering “what the heck?”  I hear the card being taken off the door and opened.  There’s nothing for probably a minute, which feels to me like an hour, then there’s the key in the lock, the doorknob turning, and there he is.  There’s my boyfriend, who I love, looking at me with a mix of confusion, amazement and desire on his face.

What he sees is me in nothing but the black lacy underwear from the Victoria’s Secret “naughty nighttime” collection I bought yesterday, and a Christmas bow tied around my neck.  I’m lying in what I hope is a very seductive pose.  The sight has him speechless, which is exactly how this was supposed to go.

“Did you read the card?”  All he’s capable of is a barely perceptible nod of the head.  “Good,” I tell him.  “I meant every word.”  The confusion slowly disappears from his face, and I repeat, just to make sure he’s got the point: “Every single word.”

He belatedly realizes that he’s still standing in the doorway; without taking his eyes off me, he reaches back, pulls the door closed and locks it.  And then I show him just how much I meant everything I wrote.

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