Another movie casting idea

Another movie casting idea

I’ve played around with the idea of who I’d cast in the various roles if the Dream Series books were ever made into movies (not that I’d likely have any say at all if it did happen!).

I’ve got a new favorite choice to play Sara.  She’s Danielle Panabaker and she’s one of the stars of “The Flash” (which is my favorite new TV show this year).  On the show, she plays a scientist, Dr. Caitlin Snow, who helps out Barry Allen/the Flash.  Personality-wise, her character is actually a fairly close match to Sara.  And physically, she totally looks the part (except that she’s a lot taller than Sara, but I wouldn’t let that be a sticking point).  The best thing?  She’s 27 years old, and can play both younger and older, so if the books ever were turned into movies, she could portray both the college-age Sara of DREAM STUDENT and DREAM DOCTOR; and also the mature, adult Dr. Sara Alderson of the later books.

And she’s not the only cast member of The Flash who would be a good fit; her co-star Grant Gustin, who plays Barry/the Flash, would make a perfect Brian.  He plays the character as mild-mannered, low-key and heroic to the core, which fits Brian to a tee.  And physically, he’s a great match for the character, too.

Here are a couple of photis of the two of them, in character, from The Flash:

flash #1 flash #2

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