My Sexy Saturday – Dream Wedding Preview Edition

My Sexy Saturday – Dream Wedding Preview Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  Today’s theme is “My Sexy Place” and I’m taking it literally – a place that Sara and Brian have very fond and very intimate memories of.

This is a sneak preview of the forthcoming book #10 of the Dream Series, DREAM WEDDING.  Sara’s daughter, Lizzie, has just gotten engaged, and that takes Sara back to the day that Brian proposed to her…

I get up, go to the bathroom to get a glass of water, but there’s something strange when I turn the faucet on.  Brian’s right behind me, and I ask him, “Do you smell that?”  He gives me a blank look.  “Chlorine?  You don’t smell it?”  A couple of times a year, the town’s water is rechlorinated.  But if it was, why can’t Brian smell it at all?

And why do I suddenly want to drag him back to the bed and…?

I know why.  I mean, I always want to do that, but why this moment, and why is the urge so strong?  Because it’s a memory.  Smell and memory are connected – certain smells can instantly return you to the time and place you first encountered them.  I guess it works backwards, too – memories can make you think you’re smelling something from that time and place.

After Brian proposed to me, after our parents were finished ooh-ing and aah-ing, Brian and I went for a drive, just to have a little time to ourselves.  And I took him straight to the pool where I had worked as a lifeguard during the summer in high school.  The pool with the changing room that I still had a key for, the changing room that I knew would be empty.

And now Brian knows exactly what’s going through my mind.  I don’t need to drag him to the bed, or rip off his pajamas; he takes care of that all by himself.  He does, somehow, find a moment in between undressing himself and undressing me to say, “I don’t think there’s another person in the whole world who associates chlorine with engagement rings.”

But I’m already too involved, too out of breath, to answer him.  With words, anyway.

DREAM WEDDING will be available October 20th, but you can find the rest of the Dream Series books on Amazon right now!


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