My Sexy Saturday – Dream Student edition

My Sexy Saturday – Dream Student edition

So it’s time for another edition of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  This week, I’ve got a scene from the very first book in the Dream Series.  It’s the morning after Sara and brian have gone to bed together for the first time…

“I’m not saying this for your ego, I really mean it–it’s never been like that before for me.”  But then again, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.  I’ve never needed someone the way I do now.  And I’ve definitely never lost myself in it the way I did–we did–last night.  I’m sure that’s got a lot to do with it.

I’m glad it was like that for him.  They say you always remember your first time, and–this is exactly the kind of thing Beth meant when she said I’m a hopeless romantic–it’s supposed to be special and wonderful and perfect and all of that.  I’d say that last night qualified on that count.

I wish my first time had been like that, instead of what it was, with Richard, the time I didn’t want to think about this morning.  Rotten, awful, terrible, pick your adjective.  And I can’t think of another time that I’ve ever felt worse about myself.

We lie in bed a little longer and he asks me something else.  “What happened to you?” and as he asks he’s got his hand on my belly.  Right over my scar.

“Oh, that?  You noticed it?”  It’s funny.  The two boyfriends I’ve had since it happened never noticed, or if they did they never bothered to ask.

“Well, I saw it last night, and after about two seconds it went right out of my mind,” he says, going quite red.

“I should hope so,” I laugh.  “Anyway, I had my appendix out, senior year of high school.”


“The night before the prom.”

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