Hot for Friday blog hop – Dream Student edition

Hot for Friday blog hop – Dream Student edition

Welcome to the Hot for Friday blog hop, and this week’s theme is a “Hot Kiss.”  I’ve got a sweet moment from the end of book one of the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT:

 “So what happened to me?”

That’s less funny.  “Your right ankle is broken, you’re probably going to have that cast for six weeks or so.  And you’ve got some bruised ribs.  And,” she’s fighting to suppress a giggle.  “A laceration of your left buttock.  You landed on a nail when you went down the stairs.”

“I don’t understand.  That’s not funny.”  I don’t think I appreciate her laughing at my injuries.

“No, it’s not.”  Except obviously it somehow is.  “Just–I guess you better not ever break up with Brian, otherwise you’ll have to explain to your next boyfriend why you’ve got a scar on your butt.”  If I had enough energy, I’d try to sit up and smack her.

Brian picks that moment to walk in the door, bouquet in hand.  “Those are so pretty,” I say.  “So nice.  Come here.”

Beth takes the flowers out of his hand as he leans over me.  I can’t pull myself up, but–I don’t have to.  Brian’s found the lever to raise me up, and now my head is level with his, and he kisses me.

“I was so scared, when you fell.  I saw you were breathing, but–God, I don’t ever want to lose you.”  That was the worst moment out of all of it, that first instant when I didn’t know if he was–if he was alive.

“I don’t want to lose you, either.  Why don’t we just never lose each other, how about that?”

I kiss him; it seems like a good answer.

It’s all the answer either of us needs.

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