My Sexy Saturday (Dream Family)

My Sexy Saturday (Dream Family)

Welcome to my stop on the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  The theme this week is “sexy forever” and I’ve got an excerpt from the fourth book of the Dream Series, DREAM FAMILY, where Sara realized just what “forever” means to her husband:

“That’s – God, that’s exactly it.”  He’s still holding me in place with his eyes; if he let go of my physically, I still couldn’t move an inch.  I hear the anger towards the deputies who hurt me – not just anger, but hatred – in his voice, but the only thing I see in his eyes, his face, is love for me.

He’s not ashamed of me.  Not even after I told him everything – at least everything I can remember.  He doesn’t think I’m weak, or cowardly, or tainted, or broken or any of it.  He loves me, and he wants me and – I can see this in his eyes, too – he needs me.

I love him, and I want him and I need him.  “Brian?”  He knows exactly what I’m thinking.  He leans closer to me, our lips touch.  He loosens his hold on me, and now his hands are caressing me, moving up my back to my neck…

But I don’t react.  I don’t melt the way I always do when he touches me there.

I don’t break the kiss, and my hands are all over him.  But I’m still not responding the way I ought to.  The hunger to touch every inch of his body just – it isn’t there.  I don’t know what’s going on.  I know I want this.  Need it.  But my body isn’t cooperating.  It’s never done that before.

And he can tell.  He backs away from me, just a few inches.  “Sara, it’s all right.”  And it is.  There’s no frustration in his face, or his voice – that’s not true.  There is, just a little, but I can see it.  I remember words I once heard in a dream, my next-door neighbor that first month of med school, imagining that she could seduce Brian away from me: “You’re a good man.  But you’re only human.”

His body is responding.  I could – even if my body isn’t cooperating, I could…

He won’t let me.  He’s in full control of himself.   The frustration is gone, vanished as though it had never been there, and there’s only sympathy in those beautiful, perfect eyes now.    He knows I wanted to, and that’s enough.  He knows it’s just my body letting me down.  It’ll come around.  My mind is already starting to, the body has to follow.


The book is available on Amazon (and elsewhere), and also as a fantastic Audible Audiobook!


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