Hot for Friday (Back to the beginning edition)

Hot for Friday (Back to the beginning edition)

It’s time for the weekly Hot for Friday blog hop, and this week’s theme is “hot encounters”.

This is from the first book of the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT:

I should be studying, or doing something more productive than lying in bed, anyway, but I’m not going to.  Instead, what I think I’m going to do–well, it does involve getting out of bed briefly.  Just long enough to go from here over to Brian’s room, and then it’s right back into bed again.

I tell Brian about my plan for the rest of the afternoon, and he’s fine with it–heck, why shouldn’t he be?  Beth, however, looks surprised.  “Sara, what Brian told me, we have to talk about that, don’t we?”

“Yes.  We do.  I need to talk to you about it, and I need to talk to Brian about it.  Not now, though.  I’m not scared, I’m not shaking, and I want to go and do something happy and life-affirming, and we can talk about unpleasant things later.  OK?”

When I put it that way Beth–surprised as she is to hear something like that coming from me–understands completely, and off we go.


It’s later, and we did something happy and life affirming.  We did something happy and life-affirming twice, in fact.  And then for a while we didn’t do anything except lie there next to each other, and that wasn’t bad either.

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