My Sexy Saturday – Dream Family Edition

My Sexy Saturday – Dream Family Edition

So here’s another edition of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  This week’s theme is “Sexy’s got you” – a moment when two characters realize they have an unbreakable bond, that they’ll always be there for each other, no matter what.

Sara and Brian realized that about each other very early in the Dream Series, but Brian demonstrates it in a definite “no matter what” moment from the fourth book of the series, DREAM FAMILY.  Sara has just come home after spending a hellish night in jail, and, well…

Brian picks this minute to return.  He takes one look at me and climbs into the shower, clothes and all.  He leans down, hugs me tightly.  My filth is getting all over him, and he doesn’t care at all.  I raise my arms – no matter how much it hurts, I need my arms around him too, and after a couple of minutes of sheer agony I’m holding him.  There’s stabbing, almost blinding pain in my shoulders but I pull him closer anyway.  I bury my face in his neck, and for a minute I just sit like that.  Then, without warning, as though a dam is bursting, I let go of everything.

I scream, and I beat my hands against the back of his neck, and then the tears come, all at once, in a flood.  He just sits there in the shower, holding on to me, letting me wail and shriek and hit him.  He doesn’t move, doesn’t flinch.  He takes everything that’s pouring out of me.

“They chained me up!  Like an animal!  All the time, they kept handcuffing me, and dragging me here and there!  They – took everything away from me!  My wedding ring and my emerald!  They locked me up and put a barcode on me!  They made me sit there in handcuffs, just sit there for hours!  They told me I was going to prison for ten years!  They – these fucking people, they were so cruel!  They kept hurting me!  Chains and handcuffs and hurting and doors slamming and all of it!  They took my clothes away!  They made me take them off, they made me!  I couldn’t do anything!  I couldn’t fight them, I just had to do it, whatever they said, and they hurt me anyway!”

I go on and on, and my heart is still full of bile and pain, more than I’ve felt in my life, more than I imagined any one person could ever feel.  I haven’t even gotten the smallest portion of it out of me before my voice gives out.  I haven’t even told him the worst parts.  He doesn’t know what they did to me – what I let them do to me – after they made me strip.

And he doesn’t know even before that – yesterday, before they took me to the courtroom, when I had my phone call, I sold my soul to buy Paul Sorrentino’s help.

I know what Brian will say, when I do tell him.  He won’t care about the phone call.  And he’ll tell me none of the rest of it was my fault.  That there was nothing I could do except survive it, and I did that.  He’ll forgive anything I do.  He always has.


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