Hot for Friday blog hop – Dream Home edition

Hot for Friday blog hop – Dream Home edition

Welcome to my stop on the Hot for Fridays blog hop.  It’s a whole bunch of great authors sharing “hot” moments from their works.  Today’s theme is “Hot encounters”, and I’ve got one from book seven of the Dream Series, DREAM HOME.

This takes place near the end of the book.  Sara has had to perform emergency surgery on Brian in the midst of a terrible winter storm, and while everything went well, he’s been recovering for a few weeks, and they haven’t had the opportunity to spend any intimate time together since it happened.  Until this moment…

In no time at all, our clothes are scattered all over the floor, and we’re on the bed, my hands all over him, his exploring me.  It’s like always; we’re both losing ourselves in it…

No, it’s not.  He’s holding back.  He’s – I look into his eyes and I see something I haven’t seen there in years.  Not since the first time we were together, really.  Nerves – more than nerves, outright fear.  But what’s he afraid of?  After almost fifteen years, how can he be worried about anything in bed – or anything with me at all?

“Brian?”  I’m panting; unlike him, I was totally involved, and it’s hard to speak.

“I’m fine,” he says.  “I’m…”

“No.  Something’s wrong.  You’re – you’re scared.”  I don’t know why I say it so bluntly; I guess I’m just too surprised to watch my words.

“No, I’m…”  His eyes dart away from mine, down to his scar, and I realize what the problem is.  How did I not think of that?

Because there’s no reason to think of it.  “You’re healed, Brian.  Back to normal.  And I never touched any of…” I laugh; I can’t help it, “that plumbing.  Everything’s going to work like it always has.  You wouldn’t be…” I reach down, give him a squeeze, and I’ve got his full attention, “…if it wasn’t right.”

“I know that,” he says, hesitantly, panting slightly himself now.  But the fear is still there in his eyes.  “It’s just – you stitched everything up inside.  What if – what if it all comes apart, while we’re…?”

I take a deep breath; I have to remind myself that he’s not a doctor, and also that this was the first operation he ever had.  “Brian, I promise you.  It was all healed up a month ago.  The stitches have dissolved away by now, everything is all healed.  Your muscles are whole again.  There’s nothing you can do with me that’ll hurt you.  Nothing.”  I stare hard at him, my best imitation of the look he uses on me.

It works; he’s pinned there, frozen, just like I always am.  He can’t even speak, so I go on.  “Nothing.  I promise.”  I lean close, kissing him, running my hand across his scar and then downward, feeling his whole body respond, and when that happens, my spell is broken.

And so is his fear.  A moment later, so quickly I’m not sure how it happened, he’s on top of me.  He’s fully involved, lost in the moment just like I am…


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