More Research Questions

More Research Questions

With “Waking Dream” finished (well, except for editing, proofing, cover design, formatting for paperback, Kindle, and Smashwords, arranging reviews, and so forth!) I’ve moved on to the next book in the series.

I already know the title: “Dream Reunion”.  With a title like that you can probably guess what the book is about, at least in part, and you’d be right.  A good part of the book will take place at Sara’s ten-year college reunion.  It just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.  I’ve been mulling over what might happen at her reunion, and what problem she could be faced with, that would involve her talent for stepping into other people’s dreams, and I think I’ve got that figured out (but no spoilers yet, sorry!).

Before I can really get going on the book, though, there’s some research to be done.  For one thing, I’ve never been to a class reunion, and I’ve been trying to gather thoughts and feelings from people who have, so the reunion scenes can have some emotional truth to them.

For another thing, I want it to feel true on a practical level.  Sara’s college is based on my alma mater, so I’m having to dig up information about the 2001 homecoming and class reunions, so I can get the details right.  I also want to capture the changes at my school (there’s been a massive amount of construction and renovation over the last 20 years) accurately, and that’s going to take some doing as well.

I also need to find out a little bit about the costs of running a medical practice, so I can figure out how close to the financial edge Sara and Brian are, because that’s going to come up in the book.

I know there’ll be a lot more details to look up, but that’s a pretty good list to start with…

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