More Memories of the 1980’s

More Memories of the 1980’s

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in an update on the next Dream Series book that Sara’s teenage crush was Rick Springfield.

Well, her husband (although he’s a couple of years younger than Sara) is a child of the 80’s, too, and he wasn’t immune to the charms of MTV, as you can see here…

Sara is on a stage.  It looks like something out of a movie, with a giant staircase behind her, a massive, glittering chandelier hanging above.  It’s pink.  Everything is pink.  Utterly, completely pink.  The only thing that isn’t pink is the dozen or so large, tuxedo-clad men standing in a line, waiting for something.

It’s not a movie, Sara realizes – it’s a music video.  She knows exactly which one, and she has a strong suspicion whose dream this is.  When she looks more closely and sees another man, in faded jeans and a t-shirt peeking out from behind the staircase, she knows for sure: it’s Brian.  He’s waiting for someone, along with the rest of the men, and a moment later she makes her appearance.

It’s Madonna, of course, in that memorable pink gown.  Except that Sara remembers Madonna being a little bit taller.  And blonder; this woman, whoever she is, has hair that’s almost – no, there’s no almost about it.  It’s definitely brown.  Almost precisely the same brown as Sara’s hair, in fact.

She’s also not nearly as well-endowed as Sara recalls Madonna being.  Despite all the signs, it’s only when the woman makes her way out in front of the staircase that it occurs to Sara that she’s looking at herself.  Dream-Sara pulls a microphone from out of nowhere – the dress is far too tight for her to have hidden it anywhere on her person – and begins to belt out a dreadful take on “Material Girl.” 

Sara doesn’t see how her dream-self can even breathe, let along sing, but somehow she’s managing it.  As she’s wooed by all the tuxedo-clad men, dream-Sara occasionally resorts to humming when she – or, Sara realizes with a laugh, her husband – forgets some of the words.

As she finishes the song, Brian marches up to her, shoves all the other men out of the way, and sweeps dream-Sara off her feet, into his arms.  He leans down and kisses her…


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