Indie Author Spotlight – Jerome Brooke and “The Virgin Queen”

Indie Author Spotlight – Jerome Brooke and “The Virgin Queen”

I ‘ve got an indie writer I’ve featured before, back for another visit.  Say hello to Jerome Brooke…

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Jerome Brooke lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He is the consort of Jira, a princess of the lost Kingdom of Nan. He has written The City of the Mirage (BtGN) and many other books.

You can find him at his website and at his Amazon author page (where he has 78 – no, that’s not a typo, I mean seventy-eight – books for sale!).

Today we’re talking about “The Virgin Queen”


The Queen was helped to disrobe my her ladies. Naked, she turned to the man. “Come, join me in the fountain, warrior!”

Thus it was in the days of the Dark Empire.

You can buy it directly, right here!

Here’s a brief excerpt…

“See your birds of prey flying on crimson wings, Your Majesty?
Your dragon ships will seize the foe in their bronze talons!” I said
unto Morgana, the Virgin Queen. The Sea Lords standing with us
nodded their grim assent.

“The Royal Fleet is a brave sight, carried by their red sails –
canvass stained by blood, Lord Valerius,” did say our Queen. We
watched as her ships swept across the sea, driven by their billowing

“Say the word, My Queen; we shall bring the head of the rebel
to you on a pike. His women will wail, his city will burn, and your
people will rejoice in victory,” I replied. “Blood will run in the
streets of his city!”

“His city will burn, and his women will wail?” The Queen said,
with a frown. She leaned back gainst the battlements.

“Who has troubled you, Your Majesty? What man has caused
your displeasure? Tell me the name of the man who has earned my
hand!” I said, perplexed.

“Be of good cheer, My Lord Duke. We are but a women like any
other, dependent on brave men to rally to our defense,” the Queen
did say, with a slight smile. The men gathered about exchanged

“Now you smile, now all is well with Morgana, the fearless
queen,” I said, returning my half drawn sword to its scabbard. “The
rebel lords will no longer steal your gold; their priests will no longer
proclaim lies in their temples. We shall sail to the Forbidden Isles at
the time of the new moon.  We shall conquer!”


Finally, here’s a list of just some of Jerome’s books, which you can find for sale, right this minute, at Amazon

The Rainbow Bridge (Amazon)

Victory of the Divine Queen (Amazon)

The Chariots of Galbu (Amazon)

Oracle of the Coast (Amazon)

The Shield Maidens (Amazon)

Artemis the Huntress (Amazon)

Eaters of the Lotus (Amazon)

Astarte the Great Queen (Amazon)

Secrets of the Queen of Death (Amazon)

The Dark Empire (Amazon)

The Lost City of Ophir (Amazon)

Maiden of the Sun (Amazon)

The Lance of Power (Amazon)

Swords of Iron (Amazon)

The Hive Folk (Amazon)

Priestess of the Stone Circle (Amazon)

Morals of the Youth (Amazon)

We Call Thee (Amazon)

The Sins of the Sisterhood of the Lost Isles (Amazon)

The Sins of Sister Severs (Amazon)

Morgana the Queen (Amazon)

Evil and Desire (Amazon)

Queen of Wolves (Amazon)

Apis the Baboon God (Amazon)

Did Feast the Pack (Amazon)

The Dark Cult of Cybele (Amazon)

Apion the Beast Man (Amazon)

Love and Darkness (Amazon)

Mother Superior (Amazon)

The Sins of the Inspector of Morals (Amazon)

The Imperial Legions of Luxor (Amazon)

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