“Dream Child” audio is finished!

“Dream Child” audio is finished!

As of this afternoon, I signed off on the audiobook edition of “Dream Child.”  Now it’s in the hands of the Amazon quality control (or “validation” as they call it) people.  It should be up for sale in 3 weeks or so.

Sadly, this is the last book that the amazing Heather Jane Hogan will be recording; she’s got other commitments that will prevent her from working on any more books in the series, at least for the foreseeable future.  I am SO grateful to her, for her outstanding work, her professionalism and her kind and friendly manner that made her an absolute joy to work with.  She’s got 17 books on Audible that she’s narrated (not counting the forthcoming “Dream Child” – you can see the full list here) and I’d definitely recommend checking some of them out.

Until the book is released, here’s a ten minute sample of the forthcoming audiobook to tide you over…

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