Audiobook News

Audiobook News

As I mentioned last week, my amazing narrator, Heather Jane Hogan, isn’t going to be able to work on any more books in the Dream Series.

It looks as though I have someone to work on the next book in the series, “Dream Family.”  She’s Victoria Robinson, and although she’s done other voiceover work in the past, this will be her first audiobook.  She can’t replace Heather, obviously, but I’m hopeful that she’ll bring her own strengths to the book and make it a wonderful audiobook.

I’m really curious how it will come out, not only because I’m working with a new narrator, but because “Dream Family” is a very rough book for Sara, and she goes to some really dark emotional places after she’s abused during her brief stay in jail.  It’s going to be tricky to pull off the right tone, but I’m hopeful that Victoria will do it.

And in further audio news, “Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure” will be recorded on Saturday, by “Doctor Who”s Nicola Bryant.  I am really looking forward to hearing the finished product!

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