2,100 Words Finished, 85,000 to Go!

2,100 Words Finished, 85,000 to Go!

I’ve written the prologue for the next (still untitled) Dream Series book.  It’s a quick little piece, coming in at 2,100 words.  In comparison, the prologues for the previous books are all over the map:

Dream Student – 1,000 words

Dream Doctor – 4,100 words

Dream Child – 2,000 words

Dream Family – 2,300 words

Waking Dream – 3,400 words

Dream Reunion – 4,000 words


And here’s a very brief snippet…


Brian and I have been living with this reality for a long time now, but the kids haven’t.  I suppose it’s not fair to expect them to love the idea immediately.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to watch all of them join together in open rebellion.

“There’s nothing to think about,” Grace answers me.  “It stinks!”  At least she didn’t say “sucks.”  I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies.

“I wish we could stay here, honey,” I answer.  “But we’ll never have a bigger house.  And your father will never be happy working at the Pentagon.  And if we don’t do it, we’ll never be able to save up enough money for all you guys to go to college.  Or even to take you on a real vacation, somewhere really good.”

They’re not hearing any of it.  Steffy shouts, “I don’t want to go to college anyway!”  She actually stamps her foot as she says it.  I never, ever shouted at my parents like that.  Did I?

I look over to my father, who catches my eye and gives me a knowing smile.  Maybe I did.  Or, maybe it just didn’t seem like shouting when I was the one doing it, filled with teenage anger over something or other that was the End of the World to me.  Until I forgot about it a week later.


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