Winter Warm-Up!

Winter Warm-Up!

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I’m thrilled to be participating in the Winter Warm Up Blog Hop.

It’s all about the romance of winter…which I completely get.  If you know me at all, you know that winter is my favorite season.  I think it’s also, by far, the most romantic time of year.

Everything is heightened – it’s in the air, all around you.  Picture it.  Imagine a couple doing something as simple as having dinner at a restaurant.  But there’s a chill in the air that makes them feel more alive.  They can hear snatches of Christmas carols drifting past.  Beautiful lights twinkle all around them.  On the table, candlelight flickers as the lovers look into each other’s eyes.  A simple meal becomes magical at this time of year.

Think of all the other wintertime traditions that are intertwined with romance.  A couple decorating the Christmas tree together.  Or sharing a New Year’s kiss at midnight.  Or just clutching to each other as they walk home in the frosty night air, keeping each other warm and safe.

No question, it’s the most romantic season.  And it’s no coincidence, I think, that the majority of my Dream Series books take place in the winter.  The first book, DREAM STUDENT, takes place in the winter of 1989-90.  Sara and Brian exchange their first-ever Christmas presents, and have their first “grown-up” date on New Year’s Eve.

The third book, DREAM CHILD, takes place around Christmas of 1996, and Sara and Brian share that holiday with their daughter, Lizzie.  It’s the first Christmas she’ll properly remember, and it turns out to be a very memorable one for the whole family.

Book number five, WAKING DREAM, jumps forward three more years to the winter of 1999-2000.  Once again, both Christmas and New Year’s feature in the story.

And the seventh book, DREAM HOME, is all about winter – specifically a winter storm that endangers the lives of Sara, her family, and everyone in the small town they’ve just moved to.

Please check out the many other great authors participating in this Blog Hop, and also take a look at my books:

And Merry Christmas!

Oh – one more thing – it wouldn’t be Christmas without a gift, and you’ve got a chance to win one.  A $75 Amazon Gift Card, to be exact…just enter the giveaway below for your chance!  AND, just by commenting on this post, you can win a set of my first five Dream Series books (either ebook or audiobook, your choice)…just comment to this post for your entry into that giveaway!

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17 Replies to “Winter Warm-Up!”

  1. Thanks for the chance!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Also, thanks for participating in the hop, I love finding new-to-me authors!

  2. Hi! Happy holidays! Thank you all for the fun!! Hope you have a blast with your family! Your series sounds awesome! I really want to read them! Definitely adding them on my tbr! 🙂 Thank you!

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