What I Watch

What I Watch

This isn’t related to my books, or to anything else particularly on this blog, but I imagine that many/most of the people who visit here are also fans (as I am) of the various Marvel Comics movies.  So, appropos of nothing, here’s my list from best to worst, of all of the Marvel movies to date…

The Very Best

Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain America: The First Avenger

The Incredible Hulk (especially the first half hour or so while Bruce is in Brazil; that might be the best 30 minutes of any of these movies)

(I group these three together because it’s tough to pick between them, but I think they stand above the rest of the films)

The Really Good

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Iron Man

The Avengers

The Pretty Good

Iron Man 2 (the ending kind of craps out; it’s very solid up to that point)


The Mediocre

Iron Man 3

Thor 2: The Dark World

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